Awakening and the Body of Consciousness

September 1, 2011
By Wulfing von Rohr    

Personal musings on a one-day seminar in August 2011 in Munich
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An exciting new approach to live more intentionally and creatively
In his new book* Adamus Saint-Germain presents a completely new approach to life and awakening. And he explains what the only difference between him and us is:

“The difference between you and me is nothing more than a very thin line, an illusion. You stand on one side of the illusion, I stand on the other side. Everything else about us is the same. We started out as angels. We fought and we played long before Earth existed. We came to Earth. We experienced what it was like to be born into a physical body and have numerous incarnations. We experienced many different aspects of ourselves along the way, creating a variety of different lifetimes, different personalities and different identities.”

Going from there, Adamus outlines a practical path for re-integration of the totality of being, of the wholeness of consciousness, of the physical body and of aspects, of emotions and of mind, of soul and of spirit. Continue reading