I Wished I Wasn’t Smart

GH-SmileBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the September 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

I came from a smart family. My father was brilliant and creative. At a very young age he was an executive at a successful advertising agency. My mother was a model student in her school days and a gifted writer. I have six siblings, and most of them are very talented and highly intelligent. 

As a young boy I remember wishing that I wasn’t smart. How strange, now that I think back to this. Who wouldn’t want to be smart? I was an “A” student from 1st grade all the way through 10th grade. I didn’t study very hard yet was able to keep good grades.

But then I got my wish. I stopped being smart. I stopped striving for accomplishment. At the age of 16 I stopped caring and stopped trying. Why? Because I looked around at the smart people in my life and decided I didn’t want to be like them. My smart father was an alcoholic. My smart mother was deep into suffering. My smart older brother hated everything. I got my wish. My grades fell into the toilet, and I didn’t want to go to college if it meant ending up like the smart people. Instead, I joined the Army at age 17 and took the first bus out of my small hometown. Perhaps, just perhaps, was there a world out there where smart didn’t mean anything, and one could actually experience life in a joyful way?

Luck (or perhaps the guiding hand of Spirit) found me the best job one could imagine in the Army. At 18 years of age I was assigned to NASA, shipped off to California in the mid-70s, had my own apartment in what is now Silicon Valley, and learned a lot in my job as a technical writer. I met a lot of people who weren’t smart by intellectual standards, but were amazing humans.

I didn’t go to college after my three years in the Army. Well, I actually did go for three days but simply could not stand the Halls of Arrogant Intelligence in the university environment. Besides, the university wanted me to take Journalism 101 after I had been writing articles for professional aeronautic magazines for 3 years.

I had no desire to be smart if it meant sacrificing common sense, compassion, heart, feelings and the simple joy of life – or having to figure it out. I landed a couple of good jobs after my honorable discharge from the Army (including receiving the Army Commendation Award). In my early and mid 20’s, socializing with business peers meant that questions of university pedigree often came up. Mouths dropped when I said I never went to college. On the surface I was slightly embarrassed, but underneath I knew I didn’t want to be smart.  Continue reading

Breathe It In Again

JeanTin NEWBy Jean Tinder
Published in the August 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

A few weeks ago I wrote an article called “Breathe It In” about breathing in all the energies around us, especially the stuff we don’t like. It was an important realization – at least for me – and I’m getting better at reminding myself to breathe it in. And, as might be expected, it is bringing about some interesting changes. 

One change is that in spite of my very full life and extremely busy schedule, I feel more peaceful inside than ever before. Looking at the many facets of my life (CC content manager, AZ manager, writer, wife, mother, channeler, landscaper, handyman and all around creator) together with the chaotic energies that affect us all, it’s no wonder that the feeling of overwhelm creeps in every now and then. But the minute I remember to ‘breathe it in,’ everything shifts and somehow life feels manageable again. Even if nothing changes on the outside, breathing it in changes a lot on the inside, which of course then recreates the outside.

Breathing it in somehow allows the energies to sort themselves out, at least in my personal reality (and I’m not really worried about anyone else’s). What’s mine gets resolved and what’s not mine fades away. The more I remember to consciously breathe it in, the more balanced I feel, and the more inner peace I enjoy. 

While all that would be enough, something else about ‘breathing it in’ has presented itself in the last few weeks. It has fascinated me quite a lot and actually has to do with creation itself.  Continue reading

Journey of the Angels: The Musical Experience

JOA_MusicCD_Cover2 copyFeaturing Tobias & Amir Yakobi

Journey of the Angels is an epic story of our journey from Source to Earth as told by Tobias. It was Tobias’ last channeled message before his reincarnation in July 2009 after working with the Crimson Circle for 10 years. Journey of the Angels is considered one of the core teachings for Shaumbra around the world because it gives new meaning to the very reason we are here.

Amir Yakobi has put the essence of Journey of the Angels to music with a 6-track musical experience that follows our journey from Home, through the Wall of Fire, into the formation of angelic families, through the Order of the Arc, and into the development of Earth. Each musical composition captures the vibration and essence of the journey in a way that will touch you at the deepest levels. Amir weaves actual passages from Tobias’ original message into each segment and then uses the vibrations of music to take the listener deep into the heart of the story.

Geoffrey Hoppe, channeler for Tobias, calls Amir’s musical interpretation, “Brilliant, deeply resonant and a whole new realm of musical story-telling.”  Working with a team of professional musicians and studio technicians in Israel, Amir has created a full and rich musical classic that adds a new dimension into the Journey of the Angels.


Source (8:48)
Leaving Home (11:28)
I Exist (6:58)
Order of the Arc (9:43)
Coming to Earth (12:55)
The Joy of Life (7:50)

Digital download
6 tracks
Length: 57:45

Price: $15 USD

War and Peace – A Musical Perspective

GerhardportraitBy Gerhard Fankhauser
Published in the August 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

The last couple of weeks have been really challenging. The war in the Middle East touches me a lot with having our home in Israel, as well as friends and family who live there. Situations like that are terrible for all the people involved and bring up so much dark emotions, pain, fear, frustration and hate. Usually when there is a conflict or war like this we take sides, argue and discuss. I realized this time for myself how seductive such a war is and how easily we can get lost in that flood of terrible information from the media and Internet and get sucked into polarisation and judgement. But actually, in times of tension it is much more precious to stay on neutral ground, observe and be the witness.

Music expresses the laws of harmony and can give us some beautiful insights into the nature of war and peace. In musical harmony we can distinguish two very basic and fundamental qualities: consonance and dissonance. Harmony is the balance of these two primal forces. Consonance expresses and manifests the quality of beauty, stability and peace while dissonance expresses itself in discomfort, instability, chaos and tension. Consonant music is pleasing and can last a long time, while dissonant sounds are challenging and even unbearable on the long run. Dissonance asks for transformation and change, and eventually has to dissolve into a condition of stability. Music teaches us that creation and destruction, day and night, war and peace, are part of a bigger and more universal law of harmony and balance. Only by integrating light and darkness we can attain true harmony.

In human terms war is one of the most extreme forms of dissonance and causes a terrible amount of suffering and pain, but it contains that seed of change and ultimately has to transform into peace. Continue reading


John McCurdyBy John McCurdy
Published in the August 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

The topic of rebirth seems to be front and center these days. It’s what integrating our soul and our light body is all about, but the problem is that in order to be born again we have to die. Or at least our human identity has to die, and that can be harder and more painful than losing our body.

It’s been a year since I trusted a deep inner urge to set off into the unknown in my camper-van, and along the way I’ve had to release identity after identity. Husband, partner, computer consultant, wood worker, and the “wonderful responsible honest guy who can fix anything and is always there when you need him.” They all had to go, along with my relationship, my home, many of my tools, my car and everything else that wouldn’t fit in my van or the small trailer behind it. Even my precious cat, Toby, had to go with my partner because he was miserable in the van.

Toby_adj sm


Once I was finally on the road for real, with no home to return to, I discovered that I had to let go of all my ideas about what the journey was about. Not much camping in the mountains, for my job requires that I have phone and internet service most of the time. No being a tourist and visiting all the beautiful places I thought I’d go see, for now I found them boring. No hanging out with lots of Shaumbra (though I’ve had some beautiful visits with a few of you along the way), because this journey has been all about me and my soul. And no teaching workshops along the way, for I had no idea how to start. Continue reading

The Truth About Masculine and Feminine Energy – Part Two

jim_self_newBy Jim Self
Published in the August 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

In the previous installment we began discussing the difference between feminine and masculine creative energy and what occurs when those energies are out of balance. Keep in mind that we are not talking about male and female people. This is all about the creative energy that we each can tap into and utilize. No matter what gender or orientation, we all have access to some wonderful masculine and feminine creative potential. We also talked about what occurs when the masculine energy demonstrates as dominant and the feminine demonstrates as weak. Let’s continue with other possibilities of imbalance. Notice if you recognize these patterns in the lives of those around you. And in the way you create.

Feminine-Strong – Masculine-Weak
If you reverse the roles that we discussed last month and the feminine energy is very strong and the masculine energy is weaker it is as if the feminine energy says: “I have these grand dreams and desires. I wish to have this … I want that … I would like to have these others over here.” But sometimes beneath this apparent strength and determination, there is “I cannot have,” “I don’t deserve,” “I can’t receive.” Feminine creative energy without the balance and structure of masculine energy is very scattered; it is very undependable. It is as if you pour water onto the surface of the table, it spreads everywhere; it is not contained, focused or directed. There is no structure (cup) in place to hold the feminine creative power.

When this off-balance feminine asks of the masculine, “Oh, I want you to build me a house” the masculine says, “I’d love to build you a house. I am a carpenter, I can build you a house. I love you.” Continue reading

Building the Collective Voice for Sacred Parenting

SusanHaidBy Susan Haid – Awakening Zone Host
Published in the August 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

There is a deeply profound and sacred journey in life, yet it is one that has received painfully little attention and recognition. It’s a journey that has been brushed aside as mundane, unimportant or simply just not as interesting or even as spiritual as other endeavors. How unconscious this all-too-common opinion is. It’s time to bring some big attention to this sacred journey – the journey with child.

For those of us who are awakened and in mastery, we recognize that there are many young masters unfolding within the bodies of children. The awareness, clarity, independence, sensitivity and innate intuitiveness these kids possess is stunning. They are quite awake and ready to go! Our role in consciously guiding these highly evolved kids into empowerment and sovereignty is critically important, and it certainly is not a mundane, ordinary path.

As teachers and spiritual adepts, we embrace an extremely important position in guiding and teaching young masters. This is a role that requires some real, honest savvy. Just imagine if we were kids again, and someone like us showed up to nurture, guide and empower us on our journey. How different life might have been for us; how much pain and confusion might have been spared. But, we were the courageous pioneers who carved the path without conscious support around us. How extraordinary we are! And now, we are primed to pay it forward.  Continue reading

DreamWalk® – This is Yours: Going Beyond the Noise

DreamWalker_ThisIsYours_GraphicIf you’ve been challenged with feeling the high levels of intense and chaotic energies on Earth right now, this DreamWalk will help you discern what is really yours, and release everything that is not.

Adamus® Saint-Germain begins this beautiful DreamWalk with a discussion about the energy noise that comes from other humans, nature, electronic devices and global events. He points out that you feel this noise, and let it affect your body and mind without discerning where it is actually coming from. Then Adamus guides you into a timeless state where you can actually feel what is yours, and what is not.

Adamus’ DreamWalk series is popular around the world because each one offers a deep and personal experience. Adamus is a master at guiding us into the other dimensions to get clearer perspective of the energies that affect our lives. It is best to experience the DreamWalk in a quiet, relaxing environment. We recommend listening with headsets, and allowing at least an hour afterwards to fully integrate the energies.

Length: 1:06:53
Price: $25 USD

Registration includes unlimited personal access to the video file on the Crimson Circle Cloud Class through October 31, 2014.

Click here for more information

No More Workshops!

And how I ended up as teacher for the Crimson Circle Advanced Studies Workshops…

Lutz NullmeyerBy Lutz Nullmeyer
Published in the August 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

Maybe you think just like I did only a few years ago: “No more workshops!” I had made my way on the spiritual path for lots of years, visited several workshops and trainings on different topics, read many spiritual books and so on. However, now I felt clearly: “It’s enough. I am done. I need no more workshops!” I was still following the Shouds each month, viewing the live transmission when possible, and afterwards I usually read the translation. There was enough information given by Tobias and Adamus in the Shouds. No more workshops needed. By the way, my wife Sigrid felt the same way when we first met about eight years ago. We were quite happy to not only share our love but also being Shaumbra.

Then we both together experienced some things that changed our mind. It started when Geoff and Linda Hoppe did a book tour through Europe in 2010. One of the events was just an hour drive away from where we live. I thought: “Well, it’s not far away and it could be interesting to see Geoff and Linda live – and Adamus, of course. There might be a problem with the language though, but I should be able to follow the general topic. I will go there!” Sigrid joined me.

The event took place in a hotel. The very moment we entered the room I felt and enjoyed being in that special energy. And the live channeling of Adamus was really an outstanding experience. Continue reading

Divine Non-Intervention

GH-SmileBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the August 2014 Shaumbra Magazine


One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “Why doesn’t Adamus do something about… (fill in the blank)?” This question has been posed to me numerous times in recent weeks, especially with the string of dramatic world events. There have been three commercial airline crashes, and military conflicts in the Ukraine and Israel.

“Would you please ask Adamus to do something about the war in the Middle East?” a young Israeli Shaumbra recently asked. “Could you have him bring peace to our land?” The request was very heartfelt and sincere. Linda and I decided to arrange a special session with Adamus for Israeli Shaumbra with the assistance of Joseph Ronen and Gilit Rom in Israel. (We subsequently made the message available to all Shaumbra. You can download it for a small fee.)

Someone once asked me if Adamus would give him the formula for free, clean energy. (If it was that easy don’t you think I would have already asked?) Another Shaumbra couldn’t understand why Crimson Circle needed to charge money for events or products because they thought Adamus was personally bankrolling our company.

When I was complaining about traveling on the airlines someone said I should just ask Adamus for a Gulfstream private business jet (price tag about  $10 million USD). If it were that easy I would just ask Adamus to tele-transport Linda and I to the next workshop. Beam me up, Scotty Saint-Germain! Continue reading