Jean1509By Jean Tinder
Published in the November 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

I was recently involved in a conversation about making choices. How exactly do you choose to love yourself? How do you choose abundance? Heck, how do you just choose life? This isn’t a problem if you’re already rich, enjoying life, and adoring the person in the mirror; it’s easy to “choose” what you already have. But what if you don’t? How do you choose abundance from a lifetime of lack? How do you choose life when you don’t really like it? How do you choose self love when all you can see are flaws? It can be done, but maybe not the way we thought.

A few years ago I had the opportunity to reinvent a relationship that hadn’t gone the way I wanted it to. Some painful things had happened and I was disappointed, wary and still carrying some grudges. But change was in the air and I felt myself at a choice point: do I keep hashing out the past, or let it go and create something new? Every tendency in my human self was pulling toward the past, toward making sure the other person knew all the ways they’d hurt me, keeping my guard up and bracing for the next disappointment. But that tactic was only keeping me separate from what I really wanted, which was a whole new start. Then I felt another part of me offering something new, a different choice. So I took a very deep breath let it all go.

The energy shifted immediately. There was still a part of me that was disappointed. It feared being hurt again and wanted to keep the fight going, and I would need to continue not choosing that. But there was also something else, something new. It felt fresh, a little foreign, and oddly familiar, and I suddenly had the inner space to create the kind of relationship I really wanted. The old programming was still there, but now I felt other options too. Continue reading

Inspire Consciousness – It’s What You Do!

Beginning in 2007, the Crimson Circle has presented the Inspire Consciousness award every year to a person or persons who have gone above and beyond in service to Shaumbra and awakening humans. Each year there are a dozen or more finalists, making the final choice a very difficult decision. But it is always our pleasure to review the work being done around the world by dedicated and loving Shaumbra for the sake of others.

Florin_ICAwardThe 2015 recipient is Florin Mandiuc from Bucharest, Romania. The award was presented to Florin during the Magic of Merlin workshop in Sibiu, Romania in September. We asked if he would share a little bit about himself with Shaumbra.

Crimson Circle: How and when did you find the Crimson Circle?

Florin Mandiuc: Between 2003 and 2005 I was receiving the translated Shouds in a newsletter, which occasionally I even got time to read. My story as dedicated Shaumbra starts in 2006, when I started to read and listen to Shouds, and discovered that there is also a live transmission from the monthly meeting. After the channel with Adamus from the 2006 Midsummer conference, I realized that it was for me. Then I started to read or listen to everything from the very first channel with Tobias – a channel every day. When I was aware of nearly every channel up to date, in May 2007 I participated to my first live workshop, a day with Tobias in Bucharest. And after that experience I felt that I want more. So, the next workshop I attended was DreamWalker Ascension in Frankfurt, where I also started to connect with Shaumbra from Romania.

CC: What happened in your life after that? How did things change?

FM: Changes that I was ready to do. I already knew that if I do not change what is obviously changing, if I resist, the changes will come anyway and it may be harder. So I stepped out from the job I had and eventually became a freelancer. Continue reading

Adamus Saint-Germain on the Paris Attacks

eiffel towerFREE DOWNLOAD

On Friday 13th, November 2015, terrorists attacked numerous locations in Paris. An estimated 129 innocent people were killed, and another 352 were wounded in the attacks. Waves of shock and grief went out as the world learned about the tragedy in Paris, the international City of Lights. At the same time, humans everywhere stood up to show compassion, unity and hope in the midst of the darkness that fell over Paris.

Adamus has a special affection for Paris and France. In his last lifetime as Count Saint-Germain in the 1700’s, he spent many of his adult years living and traveling in France. His name has become synonymous with the style, romance, art and mystery of Paris. Hours after the attacks ended, he told Geoffrey Hoppe that he and many other angelic beings were in Paris to assist humans who were murdered and wounded in the attacks, and to help those grieving in the aftermath of the carnage.

The next day, Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe sat down at their home with Adamus to get his insights into the tragic events. Typical of Adamus, he talked about the attacks but also expanded the discussion into the role of consciousness in global evolution. He offered insights into religion, business and politics, and answered Linda’s questions about prayer, terrorism and the future.

This is a free audio download (mp4). You’re welcome to share it with others, and add the links to your website or social media pages. The session is approximately 30 minutes long. We hope this offers some insights, wisdom and understandings into the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

The Crimson Circle Staff

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From Victim to Creator

Horatiu2By Horatiu Dicoi
Published in the November 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

After the last two Keahak channels where Adamus explained how important it is to be intolerant to things that do not serve me anymore, it became quite clear how to work with this. At first I got a bit sad and angry because I realized how much I tolerated all the crap in my life; I worked jobs that were not serving me anymore and tolerated people of all sorts in my life just so things will work out for everybody. I felt I needed them because of my work and that I must be tolerant in order to make a living. But when I looked again, almost nothing of what I was doing was serving me anymore. So in a way all the walls came down and it all fell apart.

It was just before the “Magic of Merlin” event in Romania (good thing I had already paid for the event and the flight). In my despair I thought seriously about whether I should go to Sibiu or instead start looking for a new job and apartment here in Oslo. It wasn’t because I couldn’t adapt to my old place and fix things so I could stay there, but because I just couldn’t take it anymore. However, since everything was already in place, I decided to go to the Merlin event anyway.

The first night in Sibiu was magical. A mysterious moon was in the sky and a warm wind blew across the terrace where I had dinner. But upon waking the next day, I started feeling sad and guilty. “Maybe I shouldn’t be here. Will I find a job when I go back to Oslo? Will I still have a place to live?” I felt like I had made a big mistake. The questions were stuck in my mind so deep that I even felt guilty for being alive. Continue reading

Return of the Merlins

KimSBy Kim Seppälä
Published in the November 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

The Merlins have returned – 21st Century embodied Merlins. At the recent Crimson Circle event in Romania, Adamus expanded his usual repertoire of distraction tricks and guided us through several eyebrow-raising experiences such as water gazing, mirror gazing, and using our Pakauwahs to sense energies and travel through time and space. He also taught us about moving through walls and about absorbing books without reading them. (Thanks to Adamus I now have multidimensional nightmares: in my current dreamtime combats I’m now able to bend time and space, which no doubt makes for really cool movie material but leaves my human Self tired and aching in the morning!)

For me the event was about bringing the magic back to life. When I was 15, one of my favourite things to do was to read the Harry Potter series. Reading those books stirred the long-forgotten, sleeping dragon within my teenage Self: a knowingness tugging at the edge of my consciousness whispering that magic exists beyond the pages of fantasy books. Somehow I knew even then – with stubborn and passionate (yet completely inexplicable) conviction – that something exists that is totally beyond this dimension. Secretly I dreamt of a world where real magic is part of real life. I continued reading and dreaming until it was time to grow up; then I stored the dream safely somewhere in the back room of my heart so that I could concentrate on living a dreary, dispassionate shadow of a life.

It took many twists and turns and countless failures at being a muggle, but a decade later I found myself at my first Crimson Circle event – a Mystery School. I was hooked! I felt like Harry Potter arriving at Hogwarts for the first time. A few years later found me sitting in a ballroom in Transylvania, with an Ascended Master bestowing the title of Merlin upon me and one hundred seventy other consciousness explorers. My 15-year old self would be so proud of me! If I were to time-travel back, I’d love to share with her all the things that I’ve learned about real magic. I would want to tell her: Continue reading

The Nature of Bon or Why do We Exist?

mariaBy Maria Plutzar

Sitting comfortably on our cozy sofa last week, watching the Shoud, my girlfriend said to me shortly after Adamus started “He will say today what you are constantly talking about”. The first remarkable thing is that she rarely channels future potentials, and even more remarkable, that the same truth can be spoken about in such different words/metaphors.

Most of my life I have been interested in the mysteries of reality and existence, but finally, in April 2015, it sunk in. I was not explicitly searching for something when I suddenly received a knowledge packet that unveiled the story of existence in a way that felt true and was completely logical for me. Looking for validation (I’m still human), I was mysteriously just not able to get any at first. I believe now that this was because I had to first trust myself. After I trusted myself enough, I suddenly started receiving hints from several different channelers.

This is why in the May Shoud Adamus was speaking about the fabric of physicality, which consciousness can paint on like a painter does on a canvas. It was also me speaking.

So let’s take a look at my analogy for existence, because real truth can’t be spoken using limiting linear words, but only experienced. However, words can bring you to a place where your mind really allows the experience of truth to begin.

Looking back at the non-time before time, at the non-place even before consciousness, there was pure absolute nothingness; infinite and non-existing, ready for change. Continue reading

Crazy About Consciousness

GH_Barstool-croppedBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the November 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

By most measures, you and I are crazy. Me in particular, because of the work I do, but you’re running a close second. The clinical diagnosis for both of us would fall in the same general category: Delusional.

(OMG! I just went to Wikipedia to see if my choice of the word “delusional” was accurate for this article. According to Wikipedia, I really am delusional! I was just kinda joking when I wrote that word. The article stated: Bizarre delusion: Delusions are deemed bizarre if they are clearly not understandable to same-culture peers and do not derive from ordinary life experiences. With grandiose delusions, the sufferer does not have insight into their loss of touch with reality. An individual is convinced they have special powers, talents, or abilities. Sometimes, the individual may actually believe they are a famous person or character.) (Author’s note: I wonder if one’s belief that they are channeling a famous dead person falls also under this description of delusional?)

Well, now that I’ve had that little revelation into the nature of my – and your – personality, please let me continue with my article. I’m writing this on an airplane. I think the elderly lady sitting behind me is reading over my shoulder. “Henry,” she whispers to her sleeping husband, “that man says he’s delusional. Should I call the flight attendant?” No lady, stop reading over my shoulder because you’ll faint at what comes next. Continue reading

Enlightenment or Bust

Jean1509By Jean Tinder
Published in the October 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

This summer has been the busiest that I can remember. To give you an idea of the busy-ness, take a look at these numbers for June, July and August:

20 – Trips to the Crimson Circle Studio (for)
127 – Hours of production (that generated)
851 – Pages of content (supported by)
1,000s – Shaumbra attendees

And of course, all this amazing material resulted hundreds of hours of audio, video and text editing, much of which is still underway.

How amazing it feels to be smack in the middle of this energy cyclone! It can be quite a balancing act to keep some level of funtionality while also experiencing and integrating a non-stop deluge of things like the Sexual Energies and Aspectology Schools, Ancestral Freedom, Keahak, ProGnost, Addiction Unplugged, monthly Shouds and much more. But I am privileged to work with an incredible bunch of divine humans and always marvel at how the Crimson Circle staff produces one miracle after another.

Need a new web page? Sure, no problem!

Revise and update dozens of video and text files for teachers around the world ASAP? We’re on it!

Join a short-notice staff meeting to hammer out some details? On my way!

Oh, and don’t forget tomorrow’s deadline for _________ (fill in the blank). It’ll be ready tonight! Continue reading

Light Integration Into the Body & Mind

Adamus Saint-Germain returns to world-class Sydney, Australia for an intense two-day workshop to integrate levels of the Light Body and Light Mind. In recent years, Adamus has been focused on receiving the Light resonance into the physical reality. During this two-day experiential gathering, Adamus will guide you into Light Integration of the body and mind, and lead the discussion and experiences with the Light Integration.


After releasing ancestral and past life energies, the next step is to begin integrating the Light Body and Mind. This occurs naturally, of course, but with the guidance and information in this two-day intensive, the process is faster and more graceful. Adamus uses a combination of wisdom, humor, audience interaction and Merabhs to co-create the safe space for deep integration of divine Light.

Here’s what you’ll learn and experience:

  • What is the Light Body?
  • What is the Light Mind?
  • What is the Body of Consciousness?
  • How does the integration process begin and what can you do to make it graceful?
  • How do these changes affect the physical body and mind as the integration occurs?
  • How will you know when the integration is occurring?

Continue reading

Into Ancestral Freedom

ValerieBy Valerie Fouquette
Published in the October 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

During the January 2014 Shoud when Adamus said it’s time to truly commit to my enlightenment, I walked out of my living room and then back in. At the time, although I knew I was committing to a new future, I really had no idea what would come next.

Within two months, while on vacation in Arizona, I landed in the emergency room and was eventually diagnosed with Valley Fever, a pneumonia condition brought about by a fungus common in the American Southwest that lodges in the lung. While it doesn’t usually cause problems for people, those who do develop symptoms can die from them, and the fungus can cause other medical problems such as achy joints, extreme fatigue and damaged organs. It normally takes about six months to recover and during that time I visited emergency rooms five more times for breathing problems, rashes, fevers and panic attacks. I consulted with ten doctors, took a multitude of prescription drugs and supplements, restricted what I ate, was diagnosed with new and worsening allergies and spent a lot of time in bed. (Geoff may not want to hear/read this next part). About midway through this period I had, let’s say, “loose bowels” for two weeks and could hardly leave my house. Amazingly, I never got dehydrated.

I knew this whole situation was related to the commitment I made in January and that Adamus often said to breathe through them since nothing is really wrong, but I still felt compelled to do something more. So in August I contacted Robert Theiss and set up three personal consulting sessions with Archangel Michael. I was still feeling horrid and helpless most of the time and thought he might give me some additional insight into what was going on and what I could do about it. He told me many things, but there were four insights that I particularly remember from our sessions: Continue reading