Master Distractions (Part 2)

jean_portrait_new2croppedBy Jean Tinder
Published in the August 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

Distractions. Whether loads of fun or full of misery, whether on purpose or unexpected, they all have one thing in common: they’re what we focus on while something bigger is going on. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a problem unless we start giving more importance to the distractions than to what’s actually happening.

In this context, ‘what’s actually happening’ is that most Shaumbra are opening up to our realization. And although our distractions are sometimes enjoyable, when they get too annoying we imagine they’ll evaporate with the dawn of enlightenment. But will they? Human life is a huge distraction in itself, plus our existence on this planet will always involve things like biology and weather and other people, none of which can ever be perfected. So perhaps the key is figuring out how to deal with the distractions and remember what’s really going on.

Physical Issues

One of the biggest challenges many of us face is physical discomfort and imbalance. In a way, I suppose it’s to be expected. Not only are we asking our bodies for the unbelievable feat of rewiring every strand of DNA without kicking us out (like rebuilding your house from the ground up while living in it), the vast majority of Shaumbra are also 50-ish and older, which means we’re feeling more residue from this very intense lifetime and less physical resilience to clear it out. It’s hard to feel expansive and free when you’re in pain and, even worse, it’s hard to feel like a Master when you can’t fix it! Continue reading

Self Mastery

Robert Headshot copyBy Robert Theiss
Published in the August 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

‘Mastery’ can be a very intimidating word. As a young man in my 20’s, I was invited to display my craft as a custom furniture maker in a local art museum. They labeled me as being a ‘master craftsman.’ I knew however that many of my peers were far more skilled at their craft. And yet, for whatever reason, this museum selected my work. I didn’t get into woodworking to become recognized, it just seemed like a good match to support a way of life that gave me tremendous freedom. And so I reluctantly accepted the title and over time, it forced me to look at my life in a new way. Eventually, I realized that being shy wasn’t my truth.

Today, self mastery embraces a refreshing new perspective. Unlike teachings from our past, it doesn’t require a lot of mental disciplines. It has so much more to do with allowing, receiving and simply being in your own energy. The art of mastery begins by embracing our human condition just as it is. It takes a lot of courage to feel really good about yourself despite all the limitations we inherited along the way. A true master is willing to feel a deep and sincere love for all that they are in this moment. We’ve spent countless lifetimes trying to accommodate the collective consciousness of our human family, hoping to receive what was never shared in the manner we wanted to receive it. Humanity however suffers from a broken heart. Each of us in our own unique way knows how it feels when love is withheld. The art of mastery invites us to shift our attention within. There we discover some unsavory energies that remind us of so many relationships we’ve encountered, from the outside in. Continue reading

Product Retirement – order by Aug 31!

To keep up with the changing times and updated information, we are going to retire the products listed below. Some of them will be replaced with updated messages from Adamus, others are simply out of date.

If you are interested in any of these products, you may purchase them through August 31, 2015. After that date they will no longer be available.

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The Skill of Letting Go

D_PreslyBy Dale Presly
Published in the August 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

Ascension and dying have something big in common. Both are on the razor’s edge of holding on for dear life and letting it all go. The razor’s edge is a sweet spot to be in for a while but not a place to linger. Even so, that’s where many people get stuck while dying. It’s an uncomfortable place for them to be in, and for us to watch.

‘I don’t know how to die.’ I can see in their eyes the unspoken plea to make dying easy. I tell them it’s about letting go and allowing. They don’t believe me. Those are forgotten skills.

We are unskilled in the art of letting go partly because we don’t have many models for doing so. A consequence of having few Standards for letting go is that we don’t know what a good death or even a good ascension really look like. Maybe that’s why a majority of Shaumbra put their ascension on hold; after all there’s no rush. Dying is a different matter. The death process can’t be delayed, although many try to postpone their transition in a bid for more time.

I know you want more time to die. But more time might not be what you bargained for. Maybe you don’t need any more time other than what you have now.

I have a greater empathy for the dilemma dying people face because of my own struggle to let go. Getting out of my own way and engaging the ascension/embodied enlightenment process has been challenging. So how can I tell them that letting go is easy when I hesitate? Continue reading

ProGnost 2015 Update – New Info!

New information from Adamus about:

  • Power vs. Freedom
  • A treaty with the Pleiadians
  • Religion
  • Robotics
  • Technology
  • The Wound of Adam
  • GMOs
  • Gays & lesbians
  • Much more!



Here’s what viewers said:
“Adamus at his finest!”
“Provocative and insightful”
“The best ProGnost yet!”
“It is one of the best experiences with Adamus… in fact, it is the best!”

In the ProGnost 2015 Update Adamus covers a multitude of very timely and relevant topics, starting with “The Separation Factor.” On this planet the separation between “aspects” is becoming more pronounced, including separation between cultures, separation between those who are conscious and those who are semi-conscious, separation in wealth, and much more. This “Separation Factor” will ultimately help move humanity toward transformation and reintegration, but in the meantime it can be incredibly challenging. And it mirrors the aspect integration work that Shaumbra has already begun within themselves. Adamus then moves on to talk about the major factors that are affecting the planet right now. Continue reading

Dear John…

GH_Barstool-croppedBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the August 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

Dear John,

I received your overseas letter the other day and have read it a dozen times since then. It troubled me to know the agony and loneliness you’re facing. I’m not sure what events in your life led you to where you’re now at, but I want you to know I hear you and feel you. As you said in your letter, your situation prevents you from receiving postal mail or email, or from attending a workshop, so I will reply here. Hopefully this will be of some help to you, and other Shaumbra as well.

We all live in some type of prison, whether it’s from our past, our beliefs, or the lack of love of ourselves. As you may recall, Tobias had his enlightenment while in a literal prison, and of course Adamus tops it all with his 100,000 years in his crystal prison (have you heard the story?). We have made the conscious choice to go beyond mass consciousness, and now we are simply allowing what comes next, whatever that may be. You said that a few months ago everything was coming together, and it felt that you would be released from a decades-old predicament. And then one day, in an amazing orchestrated series of events, everything went catastrophically wrong. You lost your home, friends, property, reputation, income, job prospects and right to government assistance.

You asked: “When Adamus said he only needs five embodied Masters, does this mean the rest of us will fail?” No, it was Adamus’ way of saying that it only takes a few Shaumbra to come to their enlightenment in order for others to realize that it can be done. Our examples of ascended Masters are from centuries ago, such as Buddha, Kuthumi, Tobias and St. Germain. It’s time now for a new generation of Masters, and he’s saying that we’ll choose to stay in our bodies in order to enjoy all that life has to offer, as well as being living Standards to other humans. It only takes a few to bring hope and light to many. Continue reading

Master Distractions (Part 1)

jean_portrait_new2croppedBy Jean Tinder
Published in the July 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

We’ve all had moments of beauty when the best potentials float into place, everything makes sense, and life abounds with grace and ease. Those moments are magic – the doubt is gone, the mind is at peace, our long-awaited dream of enlightenment seems so close – and we cling to the sensation that all is (finally) well with a grateful sense of relief.

Unfortunately, that sense of cosmic contentment vanishes as easily as it arrived, and is all too often replaced by the moments when we feel like giving up because the whole thing is just too damn difficult. Sometimes I wish I could turn off the sensitivity that picks up on the chaos, suffering and fear of the world; and I would definitely like to silence the sneaky voice that always points out what it thinks is wrong with me. No matter how often Adamus reassures us, we still have times of feeling lost, alone, exhausted, desolate, sad and overwhelmed. We want life to be easy. We don’t like the aches and pains and madness that seem such a part of this journey. Where is the easy button anyway?

There are several reasons we make this process hard on ourselves. All of them are common, but none of them are necessary. Continue reading

The Sweet Song of Your Soul

By Gerhard Fankhauser
Published in the July 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

17640457_mThe little girl asked her grandmother, “Grandma, what is life?”

Grandmother replied, “Life is a song, my love.”

“Oh,” said the little girl. “I want to learn that song.”

“Everyone has their own song, my dear,” replied grandmother. “I cannot teach you yours, you have to discover it yourself.”

“Oh Grandma, how can I find my song?” asked the little girl. Grandmother called her close and whispered in her ear, “You need to listen, my love – to the flowers and the trees, to the river and the rain, to the night and the stars and, more than all else, to your heart – and your song will come to you.”

Gerhard PM 2010SMIsn’t it wonderful to look at life as a song, our own unique song that can only be realized and sung by ourselves? Isn’t destiny like a melody of our soul, astrology like an imprint of harmony, an expression and potential of the divine at the core essence of our being? We all know that we are very different in our personalities, temperaments, talents and the way energy and spirit works through us. How could there ever be a general formula for enlightenment or a universal dogma and rule to follow? Doesn’t a song feel much better then some commandments? Life is your song that you can realize, learn, feel, express, modify and sing, and thereby tune into the grand symphony of life and all existence. When you are in tune with your soul song, there is no more confusion but rather a knowingness rooted in the divine harmony of All That Is, and you discover it by listening.

Continue reading

Aspectology Update!

Aspectology_New Energy.jpgAspectology represents some of the deepest core material from the Crimson Circle (along with the Sexual Energies and DreamWalker Death schools). The original Aspectology material, which Tobias called “new energy psychology,” was recorded in 2008. It is now being made available for the first time online, with new energy and information from Geoff, Linda and Adamus Saint-Germain.

Tobias says that “Aspects are the way of the creator,” and in this school he presents an introduction to the study of the aspects we create to experience and manage our lives. Aspects are generally healthy and balanced expressions of the Self, created for a specific task or purpose such as parent, musician, warrior, businessperson, driver, healer, child, and much more. Other aspects can be past life identities, certain talents and abilities, and even your physical biology. Each human has thousands and thousands of aspects that are, in essence, rays of your divine self.

Created in love for self, aspects are normally fully reintegrated when their service is complete. However, they can also become wounded, fragmented and separated as a result of traumatic experiences such as physical abuse, serious illness, divorce or accidents. A separated aspect can also represent a part of yourself that you deny or reject. In that case it can become stuck or dissociated and influence your life in unconscious and sometimes detrimental ways. In the worst case a person can develop a Multiple Personality Disorder. Continue reading

A Mon Seul Desir

cristina swimsuit9SMBy Cristina Fábregas
Published in the July 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

After living in the tropics for many years, I understand that it is a unique experience in that it assists in helping one open to sensuality. This happens through the heat, the humidity, the exuberant vegetation, the fragrances of nature, the ocean breeze and tropical storms, and the light, fresh and wide clothing that allows the body freedom of movement. Yes, the tropics have taught me to undress. When I first got here with all my ancient European culture, I felt bound in a tight corset and loaded down with so much baggage. But over time I gradually began to get rid of superfluous garments – overcoat, scarf, gloves, shoes, slacks, blouse, stockings, even underwear – figuratively speaking. It is unnecessary here. In all senses, living in the tropics has been the great teacher of stripping down to nothing but my soul. Here everything is intense and amplified, superlative and authentic.

I’d like to describe an experience I had after a recent Keahak Life session with St. Germain. It was early morning, and while still in bed I had a wonderful experience of sensual awareness, the sensual feeling or the life of the senses.

I began to breathe deeply and slowly, my body became very relaxed, which was easy since I had just woken up. I felt my body begin to disappear, as if melding with my bed, even though my consciousness was very much awake. Continue reading