Garlic Cure for Ancestral Burn

SearFIEBy Dana Smith
Published in the October 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

Not even hours after Ancestral Freedom, the phone started ringing –

Brother – literally trying to pull me back in. Good luck, bro.

Daughter – reacting to my “distance” and ensuing upon quite a dramatic weeklong episode involving her little ones. Can’t say I stayed completely clear on that one – the little ones are still fodder for me to consider, but that’s another discussion.

Sister – trying to involve me in her never-ending drama. Nope.

Jim. He annoyed me. I walked 3.5 miles home from the casino in the dark, uphill, barefoot, in the snow without a coat (okay, ‘barefoot,’ ‘snow’ and ‘no coat’ added only for effect), thinking with each pissed-off step that I was walking to my freedom. Next Shoud: Walk On. I love me.

Some of the dead peeps kept at me through my mind, but they’re dead, so eff ‘em.

All of that was fine. I recognized it all, allowed them to do their things, but dammit, then my biology awkwardly tried to catch up to my brilliance. Continue reading

It’s A Wonderful Night for A MOONDANCE

GH_Barstool-croppedBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the October 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

I had a magical experience the other night while flying into Frankfurt. It came out of nowhere and nothing; I couldn’t have planned it if I wanted to.

Linda and I were en route from Sibiu, Romania to Frankfurt, Germany. The first leg of our trip took us to Vienna, then on to Frankfurt. It was one of those “I hate flying” days. The airport was crowded, and people were pushier and ruder than usual. Linda caught a bad cold earlier in the trip, and now she had bronchitis. She was feeling miserable in every way. I felt terribly sorry for her, and now it was my job to get us through the airports and onto the flights. The overhead bins were full. Linda and I were seated in separate rows even though we had booked the seats together. The guy next to me was making annoying noises and kept picking at his ears. Yes, there are times I really hate flying.

The aircraft engines cut back as we started our initial descent into Frankfurt. I looked out the window and saw an unusual light on the horizon. Strange, I thought, what could possibly make that kind of light? It was unworldly in its glow, bright white at the center and orange-red on the radiating edges. It was coming from the eastern sky so I knew it wasn’t the sun. Suddenly, the magnificent beginnings of the full moon broke over the horizon like the headlight of a celestial train. Continue reading

Beloved Aspect

Jean1509By Jean Tinder
Published in the September 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

The last several months have been jam-packed with Crimson Circle events here in Colorado, and it has been my privilege to be a part of them. What amazing information and energies we are all bringing forth! I’m sure this planet will never be the same. As a matter of fact, I will never be the same.

One of the events was the Aspectology update with Adamus, where he added his insights and wisdom to the original messages recorded by Tobias in 2008. Even though this is one of my favorite Crimson Circle Schools of all time (I even became a teacher), going through it again with Adamus had a huge and unexpected impact.

Many years ago Tobias shared a profound bit of wisdom: “All energy seeks resolution.” There are so many layers in that simple phrase that ten years ago I was inspired to write a book about it (which might actually get finished one day), and it is this core truth that the Aspectology School is based on. In the simplest terms, your soul, your I Am self, sent out innumerable expressions of itself to gain experience, wisdom and understanding about who you are. Tobias calls those expressions ‘aspects’ and explains how it is the natural way of a creator being. However, sometimes the expressions get stuck in their experience and become separated from their creator. (By the way, if you ever wonder about a deep longing to go Home, you just might be feeling the desire of an aspect aching for reunion with You.) This stuckness and separation is often caused by trauma. But it can also be the result of things like love, commitment, vows and determination, where we’ve poured our passion and creator energy into something we truly believe in, wanting to set it in place “for all time.”  Continue reading

Divine Resonance

gerhard6 croppedBy Gerhard Fankhauser
Published in the September 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

Every day of our life is a miracle, every breath we take, every sensation in our body and every thought in our mind is a miracle. Life is a miracle! We live in a miraculous world and we are miraculous beings, if only we could see and realize it. We are an ocean poured into a cup and identify with the cup instead of the ocean. We forgot our celestial nature and divine inheritance, and identify instead with this physical body that is hosting us. How could we forget all the greatness of our being and the luminous world of spirit?

The great mystery cannot be known but only experienced, and that actual experience revives the memory and is the sacred ground for true spiritual growth. Experiencing and feeling the mystery of being gives people the vision of something more meaningful then ordinary life, a secret force that is grander and more powerful than everything else. All religions sprang forth from that soil of sacred experience, but unfortunately, over the course of time, they transformed into institutions of power, morality and control. Believing in a god or religious doctrine is a good way to have moral guidance and orientation for most people, but it does not necessarily solve the essential questions of meaning, purpose and truth of human life and existence.

Shamanic traditions and mystery schools have always given importance to tasting the divine nectar, experiencing the unknown, melting into the divine ocean and embodying it. For that very reason the shaman or mystic honours nature and the forces of nature as his very good friends and guides. Nature is the perfect manifestation of the Divine, and the illuminated mind can see the face of the creator in every plant, insect, animal and human. Each of nature’s elements reveals great secrets of ourselves and of life, and they help us in the process of healing and transformation. Continue reading

Addiction Unplugged – The Power of Addiction

This class isn’t only about addictions…
It’s about LIFE!

Addiction2Even the Ascended Masters had their addictions.


In this Cloud Class event, featuring author and addiction expert John Flaherty and Adamus Saint-Germain, the usual concepts about addiction are turned upside down. According to Adamus, the core cause of ALL addictions is the desire for power. Sound strange? Read on and find out more.

Adamus says that addictions are, very simply, all about power. He talks about the addictions that other Masters struggled with, including Tobias, El Morya, Madam Blavatsky and Kuthumi, and adds, “What I’m telling each and every one of you is that sooner or later you’re going to have an addiction, and you might as well have fun with it. You might as well enjoy it.

“However, if that addiction is causing pain and imbalance in your life, maybe, just maybe it’s time we took a look at that. If you feel that you’re a prisoner to your addiction, if you feel that it has power over you, then maybe it’s time we take a real look at addictions, what they are and how to move beyond them, if you choose.”  Continue reading

Journey of an Angel

leigh_croppedBy Leigh Bisset
Published in the September 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

The Angel’s perspective
How amazing! The child was so clever that she actually created a part of herself that would keep her safe. She had no control over her physical body or environment but she did have control over her emotional body – the one place no one could get to. So she learned to hide her vulnerabilities, her feelings and most of all, her love, the most perfect part of her. She put it all away somewhere safe.

Being such a grand little creator, she was so successful at finding a hiding place that she managed to hide it even from herself. The tears no longer flowed, the pain no longer showed and for many years it would remain hidden – until it was time to remember.

The Child’s story
Vocal displays of emotion were simply not done in my family. In fact, emotional outbursts of any nature were not acceptable or tolerated. This rule was enforced so efficiently that I have absolutely no memory of any of my sisters ever having a tantrum or expressing any kind of negative emotion. Our house was an efficient machine that produced good, quiet girls who did what they were told. No matter what was endured, tears and sadness were things to never express openly. It wasn’t long before my child’s mind viewed all emotion as weakness.

As a child powerless to the whims of adults, I could not protect my physical body, but I did have control over my emotional self. It became the one place I had power over, the untouchable part of me that no one could reach and I would defend it at all costs.

Of course I didn’t view it like that as a child. Hiding my emotions began as an act of defiance, my way of letting my opponent know they couldn’t touch all of me. But I couldn’t possibly predict how that part of myself would influence so many future choices and keep the potential of love as far away as possible. Continue reading

Facets of Wisdom – NEW!

Facets of Wisdom
Adamus Saint-Germain

In this lighthearted and practical message, Adamus talks about one of the most important things to humans: Acknowledgment. He says that when you authentically acknowledge another human, you are also acknowledging your own existence. And, in his acknowledgment to Shaumbra, Adamus says:

“I can look each and every one of you in the eyes right now and absolutely acknowledge you, first and foremost as a souled, sovereign being. That simple act of acknowledgement of who you truly are – not who you think you are, but who I see you as – makes a profound difference, because if I can see you that way, then you can also see yourself that way.”

Adamus also invites Shaumbra around the world to participate in a project called “Facets of Wisdom,” little consciousness treasures from those who have walked the journey to share with those who follow. What have you learned through all your experiences? What gem of wisdom can you share with the world? Distill it down to a few words and participate in this beautiful new project!


Information on how to participate is included in the PDF download. Continue reading

Allowing Nothing

KimSBy Kim Seppälä
Published in the September 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

So here we are, within the threshold, popping through or diving headfirst to the other side. I know that (in theory) it’s all done, completed, Kasama. But still I wonder: this is the grand realization that I’ve been preparing for lifetimes? This is my life at the threshold of enlightenment? It’s not like I expected a red carpet or a golden staircase to descend from the clouds (although that would be nice), but at least an end to the crashing waves of aspects and past memories messing with the ahmyo of my life. Truly, it’s exhausting. Wherever I turn, I come face to face with myself – and not necessarily that true, free version of me.

My doubts are unlimited. They ask: how is it possible, that with all my consciousness, wisdom and experience, I still find myself lost in drama? Why do things feel as chaotic and unsettling as ever, and make even less sense? Are these deep wounds even mine? Until I remember: Nothing is wrong, I chose change and now I’m in the middle of experiencing it. We, as Shaumbra, are not only creators of change but also experts of transformation. You’d think that we’d be more comfortable with it! After all, the change is here because of us and in service to us.

Perhaps it is helpful to remember that what’s really happening here is so much deeper than the usual predictable cycles of human life. Experiences such as losing a job or a relationship, or even birth and death are a piece of cake compared to the shifts of consciousness taking place as we move from awakening into mastery. We have chosen to create a whole new relationship with ourselves and to let go of the very matrix on which our reality was based. Continue reading

Walk On

GH_Barstool-croppedBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the September 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

The name and direction for the new Shoud series, beginning on September 5, has already been determined – by Adamus of course. The new title is, Walk On – The Powerless Life.

The title should give you an indication of where we’ll be going during the next 11 Shouds. It’s a bit daunting, even for hard-core Shaumbra. Adamus has mentioned “the powerless life” in passing in some recent Shouds, and gone into more detail in the Keahak sessions, but now we’re being invited to cross the proverbial line in the sand and begin living it.

I remember talking to a fellow channeler a while back. We were discussing an upcoming workshop we were doing together, when he mentioned that he would be talking about becoming a Powerful Being as part of his presentation. I gulped, and noted Adamus’ views about power, or rather the release of the illusion of power. My friend looked quite surprised, and tried to gloss it over by saying that too much power is not a good thing, but that most people need to come into their power. No, I explained, there’s no compromise in Adamus’ book. It’s about moving totally beyond the need for power. Thankfully my fellow channeler didn’t use the “P” word too much during his presentation but I think he was a little lost without it.

The title, Walk On – The Powerless Life actually came into being during the Addiction Unplugged workshop in late August with John Flaherty. The workshop was about addictions, but in Adamus’ usual style he turned it upside down with his statement that the core cause of ALL addictions is the desire for power. He stated that both physical and non-physical addictions trigger a part of the brain that releases dopamine, giving us a feeling of satisfaction or euphoria even before we endeavor into the addictive substance or behavior. The dopamine infusion is a false replacement for one’s sovereign energy, and creates a temporary illusion of power. As the illusion fades away, the addict returns again and again to the substance for the feeling of power. Continue reading

Master Distractions (Part 2)

jean_portrait_new2croppedBy Jean Tinder
Published in the August 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

Distractions. Whether loads of fun or full of misery, whether on purpose or unexpected, they all have one thing in common: they’re what we focus on while something bigger is going on. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a problem unless we start giving more importance to the distractions than to what’s actually happening.

In this context, ‘what’s actually happening’ is that most Shaumbra are opening up to our realization. And although our distractions are sometimes enjoyable, when they get too annoying we imagine they’ll evaporate with the dawn of enlightenment. But will they? Human life is a huge distraction in itself, plus our existence on this planet will always involve things like biology and weather and other people, none of which can ever be perfected. So perhaps the key is figuring out how to deal with the distractions and remember what’s really going on.

Physical Issues

One of the biggest challenges many of us face is physical discomfort and imbalance. In a way, I suppose it’s to be expected. Not only are we asking our bodies for the unbelievable feat of rewiring every strand of DNA without kicking us out (like rebuilding your house from the ground up while living in it), the vast majority of Shaumbra are also 50-ish and older, which means we’re feeling more residue from this very intense lifetime and less physical resilience to clear it out. It’s hard to feel expansive and free when you’re in pain and, even worse, it’s hard to feel like a Master when you can’t fix it! Continue reading