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Adamus, ProGnost & Antidepressants

Antidepressants can raise the risk of suicide, biggest ever review finds

In ProGnost 2016 Adamus said:

This will be a banner year for antidepressant medications. Banner year. They’re going to be cranking out those little pills and they’re going to be used up faster than what they can make them. They’re going to be handing them out nearly on street corners, meaning that anyone that wants them is going to get them. It’s going to be the talk at parties – “So what are you on this week? Have you increased the medication? Have you doubled up? Are you taking multiple different types of medications? What really gives you a good buzz? Take a little cough syrup with that medication and you’ll really get out there.” Numbs the mind. It brings so many people into that deep-set, dense gravitational state, and sooner or later they’ll blow up.

And I know the reports are already coming out, but there’s a big one coming out in, oh, I would say less than a year that has to do with the correlation between antidepressants – which Linda is asking me to define. What are antidepressants in your definition?


ADAMUS: SSRIs. SSRIs. They affect the mind in a not so good way.

There is going to be a direct correlation in this rather major study that’s coming out that correlates the use of these medications to suicide rates. Much, much higher suicide rate, two to three times higher than with people that are not taking these medications. I won’t get into a lot of that right now. You and I both know why; it suppresses the natural rhythm of the mind. Even if that rhythm goes up and down, even if it’s bonky at times, it suppresses it. Something’s got to give.

Remember, back to the premise, everything is going to be set free, including a suppressed mind. It will be set free, even if it means death to itself. It doesn’t care. It’s got to have its freedom.


Virtual Currencies and Wireless Lightbulbs

Virtual currencies challenging traditional banking system


“I think we’re heading for a currency crisis,” Nicholson said this week. “Change is coming and I’ve looked at this for years. It’s not pretty but life is about change and hopefully some good comes of it.

“I think there is a massive transfer of wealth coming. I look at the markets today and there is so much volatility. I’ve been a trader for 20 years and I’ve never seen markets like this. It isn’t normal and the volatility is increasing.”


Wireless data from every lightbulb

What if every light bulb in the world could also transmit data? At TEDGlobal, Harald Haas demonstrates, for the first time, a device that could do exactly that. By flickering the light from a single LED, a change too quick for the human eye to detect, he can transmit far more data than a cellular tower — and do it in a way that’s more efficient, secure and widespread.

A Universe in Motion

MSDcroppedBy Mary Sue Dickerson
Published in the February 2016 Shaumbra Magazine

Editor’s note: Mary Sue Dickerson spoke with Adamus about Walter Russell during the January 2, 2016 Shoud.

Walter Russell (1870-1962) introduced the concept of a universe of motion rather than matter. We have all heard the universe is an illusion or you create your own reality, but if you’re like me, you didn’t REALLY believe it. What we really want is a way to create the events in our life for what our human consciousness desires. Adamus is working with us on a different level to connect to our knowingness beyond our human consciousness. What role could understanding a universe of motion possibly have to do with multi-dimensionality? A universe in motion is one of multi-dimensionality. A change in our awareness actually changes the motion (events) in our lives – an escape from our unlocked prison cells – a common metaphor with Adamus. A universe of motion takes freedom to a new level.

As I listened to Adamus in October 2015 tell us we do not move through Timespace, but that Timespace moves through us, I felt the objective rug disappear from under my feet. As Adamus was speaking, I remembered a book I read (or tried to read) by Walter Russell called “A New Concept of the Universe” (1953), so I picked it up again with “new” eyes. With the words Adamus had spoken, I was able to understand Russell’s concept on a clearer level. Opportunities for living in a world of motion rather than objects started coming to me.

Adamus as Mark Twain knew Walter Russell. Twain had even invited Walter Russell to join the Twilight Club where the group met at each other’s homes to discuss the events of the day. In that lifetime, Twain thought Russell was crazy. While most people laughed at Russell, with hindsight he is now being called the Leonardo da Vinci of the twentieth century because he became notably proficient in many areas: music, illustration, science, painting, poetry, and sculpture. He was born in Boston and before he could walk or speak, he could play any tune he heard on the piano with one finger. He received no formal education after the age of eight. Continue reading

What to Watch

We recently asked Shaumbra on Facebook to share their favorite movies, expecting to receive a few dozen suggestions. To our delight, we ended up with about 350 movie titles! Obviously we haven’t seen all of them (yet!), but every single movie listed below has been watched and loved by Shaumbra somewhere in the world.

We hope you enjoy this great combination of comedy, action, inspiration and more!

Note: Titles are linked to movie trailers or more info where possible. If a title is not linked, that means there are multiple versions or editions, and you’ll have to explore them for yourself.
Special thanks to Joep Claessens for finding all the links!

Movies Recommend by Shaumbra

2001: A Space Odyssey
3001 The Final Odyssey
The 13th Floor

Continue reading