The Elephant in the Room

GH_Barstool-croppedBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the July 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

I had an amazing realization a few weeks ago, one of those “aha” moments that I’ll never forget.

Linda and I were in Sedona for a series of events, including a channel at the Grand Canyon with Lee Carroll (world-class channeler for Kryon), the Kryon Master’s Channeling Summit, and our own Light Integration workshop with Jim Self.  We had just gotten back from three weeks in Greece and Italy in May, and immediately got back on an airplane for our adventures in Sedona, Arizona.

If you’ve never been to Sedona, it’s worth a trip. It’s an oasis in the vast Arizona desert, nestled on the edge of the Hopi and Navajo Indian reservations, and known for its stunning red sandstone formations. According to Wikipedia, “The formations appear to glow in brilliant orange and red when illuminated by the rising or setting sun. The red rocks form a popular backdrop for many activities, ranging from spiritual pursuits to hundreds of hiking and mountain biking trails.” It’s been the location for numerous Hollywood movies, and is a magnet for portal hunters and UFO enthusiasts. Sedona is known as North America’s New Age mecca, so you can hardly drive a block without seeing a crystal shop, energy therapy store, healing clinic or yoga studio. There’s a lot of interesting things to see and do, and enough makyo to bring a smile to any Shaumbra’s face.

I like Sedona. But several years ago, while being filmed for a documentary, the producer asked Adamus what he thought of it. He was very clear: He said the portal energies moved away decades ago, and that it should now be called Makyoville. No matter, it’s still an incredibly beautiful area so I like going there. But I’m always a little concerned with Adamus in tow, not sure what he’s going to say. Continue reading

New Perspectives

jean_portrait_new2croppedBy Jean Tinder
Published in the June 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

How has your life felt lately? I don’t mean the daily details, but the general overall feeling. For me, the description that feels most relevant is a turning inward. The usual details and little dramas of human life don’t hold much interest for me these days, and my brain can hardly even comprehend what’s left. And often my mind is not so comfortable with that. When nothing is quite so captivating as simply staring into space, and I feel perfectly content with silence no matter who’s around, my mind can easily slip into asking “What’s wrong with me?” And yet, when I really feel into this “innerness,” its appropriateness is quite apparent. I’m simply experiencing a different perspective, one that I’ve been calling for. Let me explain.

The thing we’ve wanted for so long is actually taking place. The human and the soul are coming closer and closer together – not in distance (they’re both right here) but in awareness – and these parts of Self each have a unique perspective on existence. The soul enjoys the broad “high level” awareness of All Life while the human has the “in your face” highly detailed vantage point of life on Earth. In a way, the human perspective is like having your nose down on the floor, inspecting, rearranging, collecting, and protecting all the little bits and pieces of reality it finds there. The soul perspective is like when you stand up and see the far vistas all around; the microscopic particles on the floor quickly lose their relevance. You can see why Adamus says, “The soul really doesn’t care about the details.” It has such a broad perspective that it doesn’t even notice the grain of sand that looks like a boulder in front of your human nose. As we merge the human and soul, it inevitably – and drastically – affects the perspective of the human (and no doubt the soul too, but that’s a little harder to put into words). Here’s a metaphor that helps me understand it. Continue reading

The Wound of Isis

Wound of IsisAs the Crimson Circle staff prepares for the Sexual Energies School Update, we find that the material covered in the profound Wound of Isis collection is more relevant than ever. With Atlantean energies stirring in all segments of society, energy stealing becoming ever more obvious and prevalent, and the issues of imbalanced masculine and feminine energies more critical than ever, the wisdom offered by Tobias in this set is incredibly timely and appropriate.

At its core, the “Wound of Isis” is essentially the trauma of our separation from Spirit and each other. It is the deepest, most profound wound carried by every angel and every human, and continues to impact every moment of our lives.

During the 15 sessions of the Wound of Isis series, Tobias is joined by the energies of Saint-Germain, Quan Yin, the Order of To Bi Wah, the entire Crimson Council, Archangels Raphael and Amael, and more. He speaks at length about dynamics of the masculine and feminine energies, why we created them, and the harsh ways that humans have reenacted their painful separation. These traumatic experiences, played out with particular vengeance in Atlantis, have scarred us deeper than any other wounds and still affect our lives and experiences today. Continue reading

At the Doorway of Enlightenment

THE THRESHOLD – At the Doorway of Enlightenment
In the magical lake country near Vernon, British Columbia, Canada


The Threshold events with Adamus Saint-Germain have quickly become some of the most sought after and exceptionally profound experiences offered by the Crimson Circle. We are now happy to announce the newest Threshold, to be held once again in the beautiful and nurturing Sparkling Hill Resort and Spa near Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.

The Threshold is a premium Crimson Circle event based on what Adamus calls The Threshold of Enlightenment. According to Adamus, our journey on the spiritual path has encompassed many lifetimes, but now we hesitate at the threshold of the realization of enlightenment.

In The Threshold, Adamus personally interacts with each and every attendee, posing the difficult questions and pushing the sensitive buttons. There is no processing or counseling, just addressing the issue of embodied enlightenment – and what’s keeping you from it – with each individual. According to a recent attendee, Threshold was “the best 5 days in time and money spent in any lifetime on enlightenment.” Continue reading

Mystery School of Music Retreat

MYS2015-2Music, as a universal language of the soul, is a great vehicle for journeying into your inner temple, the home within yourself. This special gathering is an invitation into the sacred space of music and nature, an experience of receiving and integrating harmony, expressing yourself and expanding your consciousness into a state of presence and pure being.


Rather than a traditional school or workshop, the Mystery School of Music is a sanctuary of music, and within the sacred space of that sanctuary integration and transformation can happen. The Mystery School programs provide an inspiring and safe foundation to go beyond your mind into a state of wholenesss and grace. You will learn about the timeless mysteries of music, breathing  and toning, and how to come into your real voice and the expression of your true being.

For this event we welcome you to Waldviertel, one of the most mystical areas of Austria with its enchanting forests, castles and celtic heritage. The Seminar house Lichtung near the ancient castle Rastenberg is a place of nature, beauty and serenity. Within the safe and heartfelt space of this retreat you can relax, rejuvenate and dive into the grand ocean of consciousness within. Continue reading

From Darkness to Freedom

Marion Scheffler croppedBy Marion Scheffler
Published in the June 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

It is Friday morning and I am waking up after a good deep sleep. Even before opening my eyes I start the day by breathing consciously, breathing in this new day that brings new possibilities for creations and potentials. It feels good so far.

As my breathing continues I suddenly become aware of something that does not feel too good. My mind wants to jump in and define it but I stop it by focusing on what I feel and telling myself to breathe this strange feeling in, as Adamus has told us so many times. It is just energy, so I tell myself to accept it into my system and allow it to serve me in a new way. I can also feel the presence of Adamus in this moment.

This strange ‘something’ that I feel is kind of hidden by some sort of veil, but I can feel it has to do with fear. There is also a strong feeling of restriction that comes with it. So I choose to breathe in these energies of fear and restriction. At first it feels a bit odd and I struggle with bringing these energies into my body. But, taking one breath after another, again and again, I can feel how it is getting easier and easier to breathe them in.

The more I allow it to become a part of me, the more I become aware of this fear complex. I even wonder where it is coming from as I have dealt with different fears in my life for decades, even before I joined the Crimson Circle years ago. It is not a simple fear that I could put a name on. Rather I can feel that this is the ‘top manager,’ the supervisor of an old fear construct. I must have put it there at some point in order to help me get through life. Seems to me as if it has been there forever. Yes, in a way it has served me but now I can also feel how it has kept me from really living. It was this ‘super fear guard’ who would let nothing pass through this portal or filter that did not get his okay. And under his management were many other fears that penetrated me from time to time, giving me shots of adrenaline. And on top of all this I now realize that the twisted fact is, the super controller fear was also afraid of other fears. Continue reading

Jumping In … and No Going Back!

FullSizeRenderBy Kay Von Randow
Published in the June 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

Such a happy little girl she was, loving life, and above all, her daddy. He was tall and hauled her laughing, up onto his shoulders where she felt so safe with his warmth and love. And she liked the piano standing in the lounge, which seemed to belong to him.

During regular family visits to the Tennis Club she tore around the court perimeters at breakneck speed, climbed up the umpire seats, teasing the grown-ups fearing for her safety and knowing they’d rush over to stop her before it got dangerous. She charmed everyone with ready smiles and bubbling laughter. When she was asked a question, she’d answer by singing. Being such a happy little girl, she also sang just for the fun of it, expressing her joy. Such a darling, joyous being she was.

One day when she was two years old, her daddy died suddenly. The grown-ups thought she didn’t understand, removed his photos, sold the piano and acted as though he’d never been, to spare her pain, they later told her. Now, her mummy was the most important person in her world. Seeing mummy suffering, hearing the continuous coughing, she offered up a deep prayer: please let ME have all her sadness. Let her be happy and well again.

Willingly taking on her mother’s burden, her back bent under the load and she became clumsy, falling so often that her knees were permanently bandaged. She couldn’t easily play ball any more, but, growing up at the seaside, she became a veritable water-baby and excellent swimmer well before going to school. She swam nearly every day during the summer, even diving and going under water.

As she grew older, her back actually became bent under the burden. Kids at school teased her, making her aware she looked different, even repulsive, and around the age of thirteen when ‘boys’ loomed on the horizon, a great, inexplicable fear of water manifested itself. It was a convenient, foolproof reason not to go swimming any more so people wouldn’t see the hated, malformed back. Continue reading

Creating a Safe Space

By Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the June 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

GH_Barstool-croppedWe start with an empty room and convert it into a safe and sacred space, for in this room profound and life-changing transformations take place. We see it happen time and time again, year after year, ever since we began offering workshops and gatherings in 2001.

I’m writing this article from the Borgo San Luigi hotel in Monteriggioni, Italy, where we just finished the 2nd annual Ahmyo Retreat. That’s what inspired me to write about creating a safe space, for once again I was witness to the huge shifts in personal consciousness that took place these past four days in Tuscany.

Although I say it starts with an empty meeting room, it actually starts a year or more earlier. Working with local Shaumbra, we carefully look for a hotel or resort that has a Shaumbra-appropriate energy. It’s best if there is a lot of nature, with trees and a lake, or a sea or ocean. We find that it’s important for attendees to integrate their workshop experiences by walking in the forest or swimming in the water. It’s much better to hear the singing of birds rather than the noise of a city.

The sleeping rooms need to be comfortable, preferably with windows that open. The room rates need to be reasonable because, unlike a corporate meeting, everyone is paying for their own room and meals. And the meeting room needs to have a good “feel” because this is where we will spend most of our time. The Crimson Circle Events team works hard to find the best overall hotel property and then negotiates the best room rates for attendees. Sometimes we’re locked into a contract to book a certain number of hotel room nights, which means we have to require Shaumbra to stay at the hotel as part of their registration. So the hotel needs to be a good value. Instead of taking a commission from the hotel for room bookings (usually 10%), we pass the savings on to the attendees. Continue reading


jean_portrait_new2croppedBy Jean Tinder
Published in the May 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

Standing by the river watching the water rush past, full and swift with the recent snowmelt from the mountains, my consciousness began to drift. There’s something mesmerizing about flowing water and I felt myself soften; the tight thought-spring in my head began to unwind, my brain cells slowed their pounding and my body relaxed. Staring into the water on this gray spring day, a memory floated to the surface … something about imagination, about creating my own reality.

After several weeks of high intensity projects, it felt good have the computer out of reach for a while. Strolling through the park we stopped under a bridge and just watched the water for a while. It seemed to whisper a reminder of something… but what? Ah yes, the river flowing by the Shaumbra Service Center. Remember that place, nestled in the edge of the forest just down the road from Tobias’ Cottage? It’s been a while since I’ve been there, but one of my favorite parts is the beautiful river in back. The water flows warm and refreshing, and I love to be in it. And I don’t mean just floating on the surface.

In that magical place reality is a little different. I like to imagine myself submerged in the river, the water flowing around and through me as if I’m porous, washing away the clutter and stress of daily life. It is unbelievably rejuvenating. And now, standing next to the river in the park, my reality shifted ever so slightly. Instead of cold, muddy spring runoff, it became clear and crystalline and I imagined lying in it, just like at the Center. Within moments I felt rejuvenated and refreshed, my body tingling with life, the weariness forgotten. My imagination had actually changed my reality!  Continue reading

ProGnost™ 2015 – MIDYEAR UPDATE

Adamus® Saint-Germain returns for an update to the ProGnost workshop held in January 2015. Now that we’re in the second half of the year, we’re seeing the results of the huge energy shifts that occurred in the first few months. What’s ahead for the rest of the year and into early 2016? In this ProGnost 2015 Update, Adamus will discuss the consciousness shifts and energy trends that will affect global news and individual wellbeing for the months to come.


ProGnost 2015 Update is an in-person and online venue for taking a look into the energy dynamics of 2015 and beyond in order to understand the appropriateness of the changes that will be affecting the planet. It will also give you tools to help maintain an abundant balance in your life, facilitate your embodied enlightenment, and have the discernment to know the difference between distractions and opportunities. Continue reading