“Wound of Isis” – 25% discount through April 30

Wound of IsisListen as Tobias unfolds the story of the deep and ancient “Wound of Isis,” which is essentially the trauma we experienced be each of us in our separation from Spirit and each other. That separation is the deepest, most profound wound carried by every angel and every human.

During the 15 session of this profound series, Tobias is joined by the energies of Archangels Raphael and Amael, Quan Yin, the Order of To Bi Wah, Saint-Germain, the entire Crimson Council, and more. He speaks at length about dynamics of the masculine and feminine energies, why we created them, and the harsh ways that humans have recreated their painful separation. These traumatic experiences, played out with particular vengeance in Atlantis, have scarred us deeper than any other wounds, and still affect our lives and experiences.

The Wound of Isis is a journey of experience you won’t soon forget. The ceremony of completion during the Harmonic Concordance might leave you in tears. The history of our being will explain so many dynamics in your life. The stories of our times in Atlantis and Lemuria will bring chills of remembrance. The reminders of allowing the energy to find its resolution wan bring you to healing and freedom.

These sessions are highly recommended to assist in your own integration and rejuvenation, and are an excellent precursor to Tobias’ Aspectology and Sexual Energy Schools.

Excerpts from
“the Wound of Isis SERIES”

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Allowing the Magic

John McCurdyBy John McCurdy – Awakening Zone Coordinator
Published in the April 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind. After several weeks of quiet, of staying mostly still in my camper-van home, I suddenly found myself moving again. A big circle through north and central California to meet some new Shaumbra friends, then down through southern California and Arizona to visit relatives and old friends. Now I’m back in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I started three months ago, parked at the home of some friends while I catch up on work and do some needed maintenance. But the urge to move is still strong and by the time you read this I’ll probably be heading east.

When I began this adventure I had some very linear ideas about what it would be like and what I might do, but it mostly hasn’t been that way. I spent a lot more time sitting still and a lot more money on campgrounds than I expected, and I’ve had to let go of all my ideas about efficiency, about planning my route to use the least fuel or to save the most money in camping fees and other expenses. All of that, I’ve discovered, is a mental game of power that gets in the way of truly living.

I am reminded of a wonderful channel from Tobias called Out of the Box, where he talked about how birds and animals seldom follow linear paths from one place to another. Sometimes they do, but other times they seem to just flit here and there in seemingly random patterns. And sometimes hundreds or thousands of birds or fish all move together in a synchronized dance that boggles the mind. “They’re just following the energy patterns,” Tobias said, and went on to explain that if we would allow ourselves to do the same thing our lives would begin to flow a lot more gracefully.

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Living in Grace

By Andieas Hofmann
Published in the April 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

I am on a six months tour around the world – having the chance to live more outside in nature, enjoying all the beauty of this planet, visiting Shaumbra, having time with myself for integrating and living who I AM.

On my journeys I have been experiencing quite a flow of ease and grace. I had an Aha moment about grace and – funny synchronicity – some days later in the January Shoud Adamus guided a DreamWalk, seemingly right to the place where I was staying at the time. The DreamWalk was about gifting yourself with a first class vacation to a palace at a beautiful beach, and I was enjoying living in an exclusive little beach resort in Fiji, writing about my experiences of how energies have been serving me. I had been blessed by two trips on the nice boat of the resort with the captain and a guide just for me alone, all following my rhythm. I was enjoying the stunning underwater world of the corals and fishes in their breathtaking colors and shapes at the famous Rainbow Reef. I had a picnic on a paradise beach on a little island and spent time kayaking around the corals of the island. My feeling was that this amazing service was not because I paid a lot of money – you can spend crazy amounts in the luxury resorts in Fiji, but in fact the owners charged me nearly nothing for these wonderful trips – but because energies were serving the master.  Continue reading

A Hidden Gem

Awakening Zone Radio has become an incredible resource for amazing, empowering and enlightening information. With several new shows broadcasting every day and many thousands of archives, you can listen to scientists, mystics, masters, channelers and specialists in many areas of human development just about 24/7! And every minute of this consciousness-expanding programming is 100% free of charge.

AZA_logoAwakening Zone Academy is the online educational branch of Awakening Zone Radio. It is designed to provide the means for various presenters to go more in-depth into their topics, providing lectures, guided experiences and hard-earned wisdom to all who are interested. A share of the revenues from these classes and presentations also helps keep Awakening Zone Radio free of charge for everyone.

Now here’s the exciting part!

Got a class or presentation developing?

Tobias said long ago that Shaumbra are truly teachers of the New Energy. We have been through so many experiences, gained so much wisdom, and now more than ever it’s time to begin sharing ourselves with the world. If you have a class or presentation developing within you, but have not been sure how to make it available, we invite you to consider offering your material through the Awakening Zone Academy. There are technical and professional requirements you will need to meet, but for wise and creative Shaumbra this is an open door to let the world see your radiance as well as create abundance for yourself.

If you would like more information about offering a class through Awakening Zone Academy, please download the one-page informational PDF. You will get a general idea of how it all works and contact information for when you’re ready to move forward.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the wonderful classes that are currently available in the Academy.

It’s time to be seen, Shaumbra. Are you ready?


Quantum Living – A Story

20131012_193129_adj croppedBy Naheed Oberfeld
Published in the April 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

Sitting on my favorite chair looking out at the dappled light coming through the leaves in the back garden, I pondered the same questions I always have: What is next for me? Why am I not able to create a satisfying life, the one that we have been assured we are destined to live? In fact, what is my destiny?

My eyes closed and my imagination took me to a well with water. Staring down at my reflection I asked, “Where do you go to when I’m not around?” Lulled into a trance staring at the water, I felt myself being pulled in, as if by some invisible force. It was the first force of physics I encountered in my travels: magnetism. It felt almost normal, but as soon as my brain kicked in I tried to pull back. A sense of fear and helplessness swept over me. And then I remembered the initial sensation of calmness and normalcy, and decided to stop resisting and allow myself to be swept into this experience. Anyway, I reasoned, I was not terribly happy with how my life was progressing. I did not know where I was being taken, but it must be better than living a life in limbo, waiting; for what, I could not define, but waiting.

iStock_000022175868MediumSMAfter what seemed like ages, but must have been only moments, I felt totally immersed in the water, with something akin to a current dragging me down, further and further. Letting go of the fear, I marveled at the sensations. For one thing, it was not as though I was actually in the water. I did not feel wet and was certainly not struggling to breath. It appeared that the walls of the well were made of large dark blocks of ancient stone. Going deeper, the dark brackish water began to change, getting clearer as I went lower.  And then suddenly everything was filled with light, as though sunlight was pouring in from below. Nothing matched with my idea of reality. I giggled and thought this is probably what Alice felt like when she tumbled down that rabbit hole.

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Miracles Will Come

GH-SmileBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the April 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

During my first year with Tobias, before I ever started channeling, he said to me, “Allow miracles and they will come. When they come, you will realize it’s not a miracle but rather your own creation.”

Many miracles have come since then.

Shortly after that Linda and I suddenly found ourselves living in beautiful Colorado after 15 years in Texas; we found a house in the mountains we loved by “accident”; the aviation company I had co-founded got an unexpected $10 million investment; just a few years later the Crimson Circle was created in our living room, which soon blossomed into an international spiritual organization. That produced another miracle, perhaps the one that has meant the most to me: I have been honored to meet some of the most amazing beings on Earth. They call themselves Shaumbra. You.

“Allow miracles and they will come,” said Tobias. It took me years to fully understand the second part of his statement: “You will realize it’s not a miracle but rather your own creation.”

Miracles don’t come as a result of prayer because Spirit doesn’t have an agenda. This is the Great Compassion of Spirit. No interference. No judgment. Just total acceptance, no matter what we do. Continue reading

Are You Enough?

JeanTin NEWBy Jean Tinder – Shaumbra Magazine Editor
Published in the March 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

Adamus has recently been urging Shaumbra to take up to three days every month to be completely alone. Sounds like a great idea – until we start thinking of all the logistics (what about all the stuff I have to do and the people that depend on me?), not to mention the vague awkwardness of the whole idea (what if I get bored?). But if we want that elusive reunion with self as much as we profess to, we’ve got to decide which is more important: time with self or the everlasting distractions of life. After all, any good relationship is built on quality time together; so why does it feel so odd to give that to ourselves?

I love my job, which is a good thing because it could easily keep me busy approximately 24/7. But that busyness is all the more reason to follow Adamus’ advice, so a few weeks ago I reserved a small cabin and planned for my retreat. This would be a time to be only with myself and would therefore not include any magazines, books, channelings, TV, electronic games or any other diversions. As the time got closer my anticipation grew, and I noticed that it felt a little like planning for a honeymoon. When else do you sneak away with only the bare necessities and not a single plan for outside entertainment?

At last it was time to leave for my three Consciousness Days. Well, Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning wasn’t exactly three full days, but it was still more time for doing absolutely nothing than I’ve taken in a very long while. Barely ten minutes from home I noticed the sensation of an enormous backpack disentangling from my shoulders and falling away. Full of all the responsibility I’ve piled on myself, it had become so familiar I hadn’t even noticed the heaviness. I took a very deep breath as it tumbled away into the ditch, waiting to be picked up again on my way home. Continue reading

Awakening Zone Academy

AZA_logoPublished in the March 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

For anyone who has tuned in to some of the fascinating and even transformational shows on Awakening Zone Radio, you know what a great resource it is! With thousands of shows on countless topics, all with practical tools and applications for living an empowered life in the new energy, Awakening Zone is the perfect place to find information and support for your own awakening. And it’s also a great resource to share with your friends who might not be quite ready for the Crimson Circle channels.

An exciting result of Awakening Zone’s success is the Awakening Zone Academy. The Academy is an online event platform where you can attend – or even offer – various courses that go deeper into empowered awakening. And, while we might be accustomed to Adamus’ messages, the great thing about classes in the Academy is that they are taught by human masters who are actually walking the talk right here on Earth. There’s nothing quite like the wisdom of a human who has faced and integrated their own challenges and are now able to share that wisdom with others.

Right now in the AZ Academy there are classes on interpersonal relationships (Journey to Wholeness), allowing money to flow in your life (Sacred Money Archetypes), interviews with Masters (Inside the Mind of God) and inspiration and transformation with the 7 Cosmic Rays.

Visit AwakeningZoneAcademy.com and check back often to see what new classes are available!

Are you a teacher? Have you created a class you’d like to share with the world? If you’re interested in offering your material through Awakening Zone Academy, please send an email to receive an info packet.

It’s Not What I Expected

John McCurdyBy John McCurdy – Awakening Zone Coordinator
Published in the March 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

Living as a Master is so different from anything I ever expected. I’ve imagined enlightenment in many different ways and almost all of them had one thing in common: that at long last I would gain ultimate power over my own life.

To manifest money out of thin air. To have people flocking to hear what I have to say. To instantly heal myself and others. To drive as fast as I want and never get a speeding ticket. To teleport my body to anywhere I want to be without need of airplane or automobile. To manifest the perfect lover or the perfect dream home at will. To make the war-mongers and stupid people see the folly of their ways and make peace on Earth. And on and on. Who among you hasn’t imagined that being an enlightened master would include at least some of those expressions of power?

Living as a Master is so different than anything I ever imagined. The more I realize my enlightenment the more I discover that real mastery is not about gaining power or control over anything, including myself, and it’s not about healing or fixing my own or the world’s problems or even creating the life of my dreams. Rather, being a master is about ultimate allowing. It is about living my life with no power at all and allowing everything. Continue reading

Dancing the Trance

KimSBy Kim Seppälä
Published in the March 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

My body moves me as I lean into the music and fall into trance. For a magical moment my mind is empty – the world consists of me, the ground under my feet, and the music that flows through me. In this space it doesn’t matter what time it is, what day or what place. I’m in a space beyond identity.

Eyes covered, arms swirling in the air, my only connection to the outside world, indeed my only point of orientation, are the soles of my dancing feet against the floor. The air is filled with the rhythm of drums, the deep sounds of the didgeridoo and a vibrant singing voice. It doesn’t feel like a trance-state, instead it feels very natural. Something about this state is different though: There’s no room for thoughts or judgement here, it’s too full of music. All my life I’ve been listening to music, but now I know better: Music is a state of being. I can become the music. I can breathe it in like I breathe in life. My heart, synchronized with the beat of the drum, starts beating faster as my inner dancer is awakened. This time it is not my mind directing the movements of the body, rather my body is responding to the music directly, without the interference of the mind.

I don’t know how much time has passed, because I’ve lost my sense of time, but at some point the music fades out. We are asked to lie down on the floor and feel the effects of this experience. The silence in the room (and in my head) is so profound, you’d think that somebody put reality on ‘pause.’ I lie on the floor feeling the silence, the nothingness.  When I open my eyes, I notice with vague surprise that I have ended up on the other side of the room. How I managed to dance myself there – without bumping into any of the other blindfolded dancers – remains a mystery to me.

AmirThis was my first experience of trance dance, despite it feeling so very familiar. I’m participating in Amir Yakobi’s trance dance workshop. Amir, an astonishing percussionist, composer and shaman, has finally brought his wisdom to Europe after 20 years of leading trance dance workshops in Israel. The workshop continues with several more trance sessions, group sharing, and some toning together. Continue reading