jean_portrait_new2croppedBy Jean Tinder
Published in the May 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

Standing by the river watching the water rush past, full and swift with the recent snowmelt from the mountains, my consciousness began to drift. There’s something mesmerizing about flowing water and I felt myself soften; the tight thought-spring in my head began to unwind, my brain cells slowed their pounding and my body relaxed. Staring into the water on this gray spring day, a memory floated to the surface … something about imagination, about creating my own reality.

After several weeks of high intensity projects, it felt good have the computer out of reach for a while. Strolling through the park we stopped under a bridge and just watched the water for a while. It seemed to whisper a reminder of something… but what? Ah yes, the river flowing by the Shaumbra Service Center. Remember that place, nestled in the edge of the forest just down the road from Tobias’ Cottage? It’s been a while since I’ve been there, but one of my favorite parts is the beautiful river in back. The water flows warm and refreshing, and I love to be in it. And I don’t mean just floating on the surface.

In that magical place reality is a little different. I like to imagine myself submerged in the river, the water flowing around and through me as if I’m porous, washing away the clutter and stress of daily life. It is unbelievably rejuvenating. And now, standing next to the river in the park, my reality shifted ever so slightly. Instead of cold, muddy spring runoff, it became clear and crystalline and I imagined lying in it, just like at the Center. Within moments I felt rejuvenated and refreshed, my body tingling with life, the weariness forgotten. My imagination had actually changed my reality!  Continue reading

ProGnost™ 2015 – MIDYEAR UPDATE

Adamus® Saint-Germain returns for an update to the ProGnost workshop held in January 2015. Now that we’re in the second half of the year, we’re seeing the results of the huge energy shifts that occurred in the first few months. What’s ahead for the rest of the year and into early 2016? In this ProGnost 2015 Update, Adamus will discuss the consciousness shifts and energy trends that will affect global news and individual wellbeing for the months to come.


ProGnost 2015 Update is an in-person and online venue for taking a look into the energy dynamics of 2015 and beyond in order to understand the appropriateness of the changes that will be affecting the planet. It will also give you tools to help maintain an abundant balance in your life, facilitate your embodied enlightenment, and have the discernment to know the difference between distractions and opportunities. Continue reading

Addiction Unplugged – Free Yourself Gracefully!

Addiction2A New Energy approach to releasing anything in your life… including addictions

Life can be addictive… Not just drugs, alcohol and tobacco, but also emotions, drama, relationships, low self-worth, lack of abundance and health issues. We get stuck in patterns and then forget why the pattern was originally created. Then, the behavior becomes addictive because it’s familiar, comfortable and sometimes deeply ingrained.

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Addiction Unplugged acknowledges that for far too long, we have all been playing out a victim consciousness, convincing ourselves that dependency and powerlessness are absolutely fundamental to the human condition. Nowhere is this belief more deeply ingrained than in the world of addiction, including the traditional treatment and recovery programs available to the masses. Drawing on modern-day scientific discoveries, ancient spiritual wisdom, and real-life testimonies, John Flaherty presents the practical means to move beyond the drama of addictive behaviors; leading the way out of victim mentality and into a more compelling, spiritually liberating, and empowered way of living.

Addiction Unplugged is a radical departure from the traditional ways of treating addictions, presenting revolutionary new insights and groundbreaking processes which open the way to an entirely different experience of yourself.

This special seminar is for anyone with ANY form of addiction or dependency, as well as counselors, facilitators, and people in relationships with addicts. Continue reading

Curry Me Home

GerhardportraitBy Gerhard Fankhauser
Published in the May 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

During my travels in India in my early twenties I had a mysterious encounter and a memorable experience of soul-destiny that was truly meaningful to me. It came back into my memory recently during the Threshold event in Canada and again during the Kasama workshop in Kauai. Even though it happened more then 20 years ago, it still seems like yesterday. Isn’t it interesting how some experiences in life completely transcend our usual timeframe and seem to belong to a more timeless realm, a realm of soul destiny, of Kasama.

The year was 1991 and I was sitting on the banks of the river Ganges in Varanasi, one of the ancient holy cities in India. Life along that river was truly exciting and one could spend days and days just watching the happenings on the ‘Ghats,’ the stairs that lead down from the city and temples to the holy river. Those Ghats and life on the Ghats basically provided everything for the Hindus to have their holy dip in the water. There were platforms with small tea stores, barbers, massagists and small stores full of all kinds of kitschy and colorful religious items. There were priests doing their ceremonies, burning incense and throwing flowers into the river while chanting their mantras, and of course thousands of people taking their ritual bath. There were also plenty of dogs, goats, cows and monkeys inhabiting those Ghats and the smell of animal poop and open sewage flowing into the river competed with the smell of incense and the overall sacred fragrance and atmosphere of the site.

All in all, one had only to sit there and observe and have a blast of an experience. That’s what I did. I was sitting there in a little tea stall sipping my chai when suddenly an elderly man with a beard and a friendly face turned around, looked deep into my eyes and asked, “Do you know, why you are here?” Continue reading

Consciousness Theater for Kids

Anne_FinncroppedBy Anne & Finn Andersen
Published in the May 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

“If nobody chooses to be a victim, there will be no abusers.” Does this sound familiar to you? If you have taken the Sexual Energies School, it surely does.

For a long time it has been our passion to find a way to bring the essence of Tobias’ life-changing Sexual Energies School to children. And now we have, through the development of a new program called Consciousness Theater for Kids. We use role-playing (played by us) to show some of the ways that both energy feeding, as well as a balanced energy exchange, can take place. By doing so we talk more to the children’s feelings than to their minds and they can recognize their own games and often laugh at them. We also do some exercises with the children such as grounding, breathing, etc., to give them the opportunity to feel themselves. And of course we talk with the children, so that they can express their experiences. All this helps them to be clear in their communications and relationships with others, as well as with themselves.

The evolution of one’s consciousness implies increased sensitivity. This again makes it necessary to be aware of oneself: Who am I? What do I feel? What do I think about it? What is mine? What is not mine? How do I separate myself from others? How can I be satisfied with and love myself? Children are especially affected by energies around them. They can get hurt, insulted, feel sorry, happy, overwhelmed, and so much more, but often they don’t know the cause of their feelings. And the things they are feeling might not even be their own! (The same goes for many adults…) But being aware and conscious can be learned. Continue reading

Falling Angels

KimSBy Kim Seppälä
Published in the May 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

What’s your threshold?
What’s holding you back from being all that you are?

Awakening starts when all the puzzle pieces of your life are thrown into air and you can’t do anything but watch them fall. It’s chaotic and it doesn’t make sense. And for the rest of your awakening journey, you try to rearrange the pieces, and because they don’t fit together, you start looking for the missing piece. We’re all experts at this, professional spiritual seekers. But that’s our past.

It’s beginning to dawn on me that it’s not about finding the Holy Grail or the missing piece to any mystery. I have to laugh at myself at the thought of spending all those lifetimes in mystery schools searching for that missing piece that didn’t exist – because it never was missing. The only thing ever missing was the awareness that nothing’s really missing. It’s about looking at the same puzzle pieces that have been there for all those lifetimes and detecting an order to them where you couldn’t recognize it before. You start seeing how those pieces link together and then finally, you realize that it doesn’t even matter how the puzzle pieces are arranged, because you are free and you can arrange them in any way you want. And that’s the exact moment when you see the bigger picture, when you’re able to zoom out and see the image represented by that puzzle. When the chaos of life starts to look like the most beautiful choreography, that’s when you know you’re darn close to enlightenment. Continue reading

Crazy With Enlightenment

GH_Barstool-croppedBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the May 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

The Keahak™ Advisors group, including Dr. Doug Davies, Alain Bolea, Linda and me were chatting on the phone last week. Linda and I had just gotten back from doing the Kasama workshop in Kauai. During the course of our discussion, we all noted how harsh the energies had been lately. We each experienced it in our own way, and we were all exasperated by the intensity of what we were feeling. Dr. Doug, a gifted astrologer, couldn’t correlate any particular astrological influences to the situation, and after 30 minutes of commiseration and speculation, we finally decided to ask Adamus why everything was so intense lately.

We rarely call on Adamus for personal channels. It’s been well over a year since the last time, but all of us felt the intensity at such a deep level that we decided to see what he had to say. We got together on a conference call a few days later and began the session, as usual, with Linda’s breathing.

Adamus was much more casual than usual, very different than the way he comes in during a Shoud or a workshop. It felt like he was right there with us, legs crossed, sitting in a large wingback chair sipping a cup of espresso. The energy of the private session literally changed the way all of us felt, and his words were inspiring. I’d like to share some of Adamus’ comments with you because I think many Shaumbra are experiencing energetic intensity right now. I’ve done some minor editing for clarity, but otherwise these are Adamus’ words: Continue reading

What’s Your Act?

jean_portrait_new2croppedBy Jean Tinder
Published in the April 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

What can you do when it’s all a bit too much and every time you turn around there’s another minor crisis? Between missed deadlines, a drowned cell phone, a tired child (and tired self), scheduling conflicts, friends in crisis, insanity on the news and my dear helpful husband out of town, the last several days have bordered on overwhelming. But I know I’m not alone. In this time of drastic energy change each one of us is facing more intensity than we ever expected. The question is how to keep our balance in the storm – or recover when we’ve lost it. What’s the key to not losing ourselves in the madness? It might be simpler than you think, and something Tobias said years ago.

Over the last several months I have had the privilege of working on Adamus’ new book, Act of Consciousness, and with it I’ve had plenty of opportunities to put the material into practice. Last fall I went into seclusion for a few days in order to do the major editing without distraction. I made a reservation at a cottage, found my way there and checked in. I could already feel Adamus’ close by, very interested in the production of his book. But when I stepped into the cottage, everything felt completely off. I hadn’t realized from the website that it was really just an old house complete with crooked floors, creaky doors, tattered carpets and ancient furniture. It wasn’t cute-old; it was tired-and-worn-out-old. The Internet speed even felt like it was from the last century – not good for a working weekend! To me the whole thing felt creepy and I doubted Adamus would even set his etheric foot in the place. But I’d just paid for the weekend and signed the agreement saying I wouldn’t cancel. What to do? Continue reading

Keahak: Spirit and Energy in Motion

Keahak_V copyAnnouncing Keahak V: The newest installment of a one-year advanced program with Adamus and St. Germain. Applications now being accepted.

Keahak is a one-year program designed by Adamus Saint-Germain for the realization of your I Amconsciousness into your daily life.

This will be our 5th year of Keahak, which has been recognized as one of the most impactful and beneficial Crimson Circle programs for Shaumbra who are committed to embodied enlightenment in this lifetime.


Adamus has updated the Keahak program for this next year. It will be a blend of the regular Keahak program and Keahak Life (the program for Keahak graduates). This means the latest, deepest and most transformational experiences are available for all participants. Keahak is a one-year personal experience with Adamus and St. Germain, with two online sessions per month. In between sessions, Adamus works personally with all Keahakers on various aspects of their lives, as well as their embodied enlightenment. The sessions typically feature a 15 – 20 minute opening discussion with the Keahak Advisors (Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe, Alain Bolea and Dr. Douglas Davies), followed by a full 45 – 70 minute channeled session with either Adamus or St. Germain. These sessions are recorded and accessible at any time.

In addition to the bi-monthly sessions, Dr. Douglas Davies (aka Dr. Doug) will host a monthly online program called Living in Keahak to discuss and review the recent Keahak channels. Dr. Doug, host of the former AstroDoc show on the Awakening Zone radio network, has an amazing intuitive ability, that, when combined with his vibrant sense of humor, provides a deep and practical level of understanding of the Keahak sessions. Living in Keahak will be recorded, so you can listen at any time.

Apply now – Keahak V will begin in July 2015.

This intense one-year program with Adamus and St. Germain includes: Continue reading

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