Re-Creating the Past

jean_portrait_new2croppedBy Jean Tinder
Published in the February 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

We’ve all heard it by now, Adamus saying that the past isn’t what we thought it was. But what does that really mean? It sounds good, the concept is intriguing, but what’s the practical application? In the January Shoud Adamus talked again about changing our consciousness of the past.

“The consciousness you have of your past is very limited. It is generally placed in things like failure, struggle, hardship, suffering and traumas. You put these little particles of consciousness at the most difficult, depressing and dark points of your past. And there they sit, separated from your divine, your Free Self.”

He talked about it a little more and then offered a gift:

“Through the music, I’m going to take a moment and convey to you what it’s like when you let go of the limitations of the past and let it be free.”

To be honest, at the time he was speaking I didn’t really get much out of it. Sitting at the production desk I was focused on making sure the online viewers could see what was taking place. It was a couple days later that I listened again and finally understood. Continue reading

ProGnost™ – What

Solutions Highway

  • Quantum weirdness
  • Ancient documents
  • God disintegration
  • Viruses
  • Challenges
  • Opportunities
  • Revelations…

Just a few of the topics discussed in ProGnost™ 2015!

Also in Español!

During this two-day event, presenters Jim Self, Dr. Douglas Davies, Patricia Aburdene and Adamus Saint-Germain give a clear picture of upcoming dynamics for 2015 and beyond. The potentials they share are sobering, exciting and far-reaching.

Joined by the energies of Sam/Tobias and the other ascended Masters, Adamus says that this is the year when the light of consciousness illuminates many, many things. Saying that the energies will be somewhat segmented into quarters throughout the year, he talks about what to watch for including things like survival issues, religious disillusionment, new revelations from unexpected sources, toxic releases and plenty of what he calls “quantum weirdness.”

Always filled with practical insight and advice, Jim Self offers very potent tools for managing life in the chaos. Comparing it to standing in the middle of a six-lane freeway, he offers very practical methods for stepping onto the “bridge overlooking the freeway” and thereby keeping one’s balance no matter the level of chaos that surrounds us. Rather than looking at time as linear, he says that time is an application that can be used to serve us in practical ways.

Patricia Aburdene gives an overview of trends in society, finance and industry. In fact she says that the most important commodity across the globe, rather than technology, information or money, will soon be creativity. She also gives some very practical advice for surviving and thriving in these coming months and years.

Dr. Douglas Davies explains and illustrates many of the astrological influences that will affect the planet and humanity in 2015. While these influences do not control our destiny, he reminds us that, like understanding ocean currents, it can be very helpful to understand the energy dynamics that are playing out in order to best navigate our way through them.


Cost: $235
Registration closes April 18, 2015
Registration includes access to the streaming audio/video files for 90 days.



Trust and Consciousness

Trust_Cover copyPatricia Aburdene is a New York Time best-selling author, with hit books including MegaTrends 2000, MegaTrends 2010 and Conscious Money. Patricia has helped define “consciousness” in both the business and spiritual arenas. She’s also been a frequent presenter at Crimson Circle events, including the recent ProGnost 2015 Cloud Class.

Patricia was recently awarded the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Honor by Trust Across America, and organization dedicated to trustworthy business behavior by collaborating with experts around the world to identify its underpinnings. These corporate leaders, academics and consultants span various industries and work across a multitude of disciplines including organizational behavior, leadership, ethics, accounting, finance, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Patricia has been named a Top Thought Leader consecutively for five years by Trust Across Amercia. This year she was bestowed the Lifetime Acheivement Award along with 14 other well-known and highly-regarded business and thought leaders.

For more information about Trust Across America and the   World go to:

Patricia_Aburdene copyWhat Does Trust Mean to Me?
“Trust is truly an alchemical energy. It grounds human relationships and instills them with a genuine and positive dynamic that naturally generates meaning and fulfillment. In the business world, trust literally transmutes into success and profitability. In the personal arena, trust makes life worth living. In a world overflowing with technology, we long for the high touch elixir of trust.”

Fostering Trust

Published in the February 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

Reprinted with permission of TRUST! Magazine, Winter 2015 issue

When teams struggle to perform, technical issues are rarely the real source of problems. In most cases, a team’s poor performance stems from the lack of authentic individual engagement. Engagement is not created at will. It springs forth only when conditions of safety, clarity, trust, and responsibility can fulfill people’s emotional and cognitive needs.

Safety: It is the foundation for more productive results. People must feel safe in order to speak openly among peers and in the boss’s presence. Individuals will refrain from expressing their opinions if they have experienced aggressive confrontations, reprimands, and embarrassment. Instead they’ll withhold information. Furthermore anxious people simply do not have full access to their problem-solving and creative abilities because they are primarily engaged in emotional and political self-preservation.

With safety, a new dynamic can develop. When individuals can speak openly, ask questions, and voice their concerns, they reveal their true selves and are seen as more genuine and trustworthy. This, in turn, encourages others to open up. As people speak authentically, they begin to see each other differently and to hold more complete conversations.

Clarity: Open conversations boost the ability to clear areas of confusion, starting with what the team really intends to accomplish. Continue reading

Allow and Behold

GH-SmileBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the February 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

I love Allowing. I love teaching the Quantum Allowing workshop, and I love Allowing in my personal life. I’ve turned into an Allowing Bliss-Ninny.

The premise of Allowing is simple:

  • I am a Sovereign Being of Consciousness, going through a human experience.
  • My human experiences are filled with extreme limitations and challenges, as well as brilliant discoveries and insights.
  • All of my human experiences are distilled into pure wisdom by my soul, without judgment or remorse.
  • Enlightenment is the total integration of human and divine, as well as all aspects and the soul. No parts or pieces of my Self are left behind, or unloved.
  • Integration is a natural process of the soul. The human aspect is not responsible for enlightenment; the human only needs to Allow the soul’s passion.
  • Now I can take a deep breath and simply Allow. The enlightenment is already here, now I can just Allow it to be realized. My soul is only asking me to be conscious (aware), without force or resistance.
  • I allow All That I AM

Ah, Allowing! So simple. So elegant. So….. mystifying. It’s mystifying because it’s almost too easy. I have a strange desire to work at my enlightenment because I’ve had to work on everything else of value in my life. I have a worthiness aspect that is addicted to working hard for accomplishment.

I feel that I need to be doing something, anything, to keep moving forward. Many years ago I meditated and I liked it, up to a point. Continue reading

Hang Time

JeanTin NEWBy Jean Tinder
Published in the January 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

When you throw a ball in the air, there is a brief moment when it seems to pause before the inevitability of gravity brings it back down. I’ve always called it “hang time” because it seems the ball is just hanging there in space for an instant. Admittedly, the urban dictionary has some other definitions of ‘hang time,’ but I like it as a depiction of that momentary pause between cycles, a breath between the effort and the ease.

Right now outside my window there’s a thick blanket of fresh snow covering everything. The tree branches are sagging under more than 12 inches of white and the stillness is almost palpable. Having just passed the winter solstice, with the world around me tucked under a sparkly blanket (apologies to those in the southern hemisphere), it feels like hang time. It’s a still point, a few moments of turning inward, taking stock and reviewing both the past and the future (which really don’t exist, but can be helpful to imagine) from a big-picture perspective. And from this vantage point, what I see is remarkable.

Remember for a moment… Who were you and what were you doing ten years ago?

In late 2004 I had just made the biggest change of my life – moving my little girl and myself half way across the country because I simply “had to.” By all appearances it was absolute foolishness. I left a somewhat stable life, a husband and a son for something completely unknown and ridiculously devoid of any kind of safety net. But, although there were no friends, no job and no home waiting for me, I just had to be in Colorado. Somehow I survived that crazy leap of faith and have never looked back. Continue reading

The Season of Darkness and Light

IMG_0717croppedBy Donna Van Keuren

Published in the January 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

As a child, I intuitively felt the magic in the holiday season. Snuggled within my family I reveled in the play of colors and the wonder of secrets and mystical manifestations. I loved the stories of Jesus’ birth. I loved the illuminated trees, flying reindeer, and a jolly old elf who knew my name, ate my cookies, and left drawings and letters for me. The magic was real! And it was most palpable on Christmas Eve, sitting in the dark with candles, music, and intimate conversations, presents wrapped and glistening with the excitement of gifts to be given.

As an adult, the weight of playing Mrs. Claus took its toll. Why do people re-decorate their homes, send letters to everyone they know, buy tons of presents that must be artfully wrapped, and host grand parties all in one month? I felt obligated to participate when intuitively I just wanted to be still, and when the festivities were over I was secretly relieved I could return to a quieter pace…and start paying off the credit card bill.

Then, my son left for college, revealing the looming demise of my marriage. My dog was diagnosed with cancer, my father died, and my mother’s home was robbed on Christmas Eve, only days after my dad’s funeral, on this the most holy of nights. Something in me shattered that year, and the magic died for me. Continue reading

Consciousness Unleashed – March 20 – 22, 2015 – Medellín, Colombia

Realms of the MindAdamus Saint-Germain provides a core message and experience about consciousness in this fast-paced, dynamic workshop. According to Adamus, consciousness is the basis of all reality and energy, yet our consciousness has been limited during our arduous journey on Earth. The limitations are unnatural, potentially leading to anxiety and depression while taking away much of the joy of life.

In Consciousness Unleashed, Adamus guides us through profound experiences to open the consciousness, creativity, intuition and imagination. This is a very experiential workshop. With channeled guidance from Adamus you will break through your mental barriers and soar into uncharted levels of the I Am, all within the safe space. Consciousness Unleashed is for you if you’re looking to move stuck mental energies and open to fresh creativity and inspiration from within.

We’ve chosen the Movich Hotel Las Lomas, a beautiful setting outside of the city of Medellin because of its natural beauty and uplifting energies set in nature. It’s a little away from the bustle of the city and well worth the journey to get there. The Las Lomas has a full service spa with swimming pools.

This gathering is ideal for anyone who wants to go beyond conformity and limitations. Come ready to break through!

Click for more info on Consciousness Unleashed!

Here’s what the attendees said about the
Consciousness Unleashed in Bled, Slovenia, May 2014:

Adamus Channels: 92.3% Excellent

Life Changing Experience: 76.9%

Would recommend to other Shaumbra: 100%

Limited to 80 attendees plus staff.

All sessions conducted in English.
Spanish translation will be available.

$495 USD early bird through Jan 31, 2015. Regular price $600 USD starting February 1, 2015. Your registration includes access to the audio streaming files for 90 days after the event.

Click for more info on Consciousness Unleashed!

What Do You Choose?

Published in the January 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

There is life beyond hypnosis – true, real living Life!

In the fall of 2011 I did a 21-day retreat without any drink, food, meditation or self-healing. Through this experience I began to identify some of our human belief systems, their functions and their origins. During the retreat I simply allowed and accepted myself as I was, and with all the processes going on within me. Before it was over I experienced the “I am that I am” feeling; I felt myself light, pure and shining.

Then and there I erased a very old deeply ingrained program, namely that if you do not drink and eat for 3-5 days, you will die. Well, that did not happen to me. In fact, I experienced being truly alive.

Getting back to the typical days, the world and my family’s routines, which all still reflected my old habits, was very frustrating to me. I felt like I had come from Mars. “Is it me who is strange or them?” I wondered, and of course I already knew the answer. But something was still missing. Continue reading

ProGnost: You and Your Money in 2015

Patricia_Aburdene copyBy Patricia Aburdene
Published in the January 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

A famous financial TV anchor started every show by asking: “It’s 4 o’clock; do you know where your money is?” This is a great example of the money mindset of mass consciousness, which includes questions like: “Do I have enough money?” or “Should I invest in gold, stocks, or oil?” or “How do I get out of debt?” There’s nothing wrong with these questions. We all have them. But if you rely only on the mundane money world of mass consciousness for answers, you subject yourself to (surprise, surprise) negative elements of mass consciousness such as fear and greed, as well as a lot of noise about money that will distract your attention, disrupt your sense of expanded consciousness, and dampen your awareness of Abundance.

So, let’s refocus the money questions. In January, at the ProGnost event, we’ll explore a new inquiry: How do we tap into higher consciousness to guide and enhance our money lives?

At ProGnost, I’ll share three financial megatrends, each of which illustrates the ways in which human consciousness is transforming the very essence of money in 2015 and beyond. These trends are not futuristic musings. Even though you might not hear about them in the mass media, they’re already altering the manifested reality of today’s economy. They are:

  1. The Accelerated Expansion of Human Consciousness.
  2. The Integration of Consciousness into Personal Finance, or “Conscious Money.”
  3. A New Economy Sourced in the Genius of Human Consciousness.

Continue reading