What’s Your Point?

JeanTin NEWBy Jean Tinder
Published in the November 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

It was one of those days. Besieged by random thoughts about nothing important, way too irritated by the sweet and gentle people I live with, unfocused and minimally productive in my job, I wanted to go back to bed and hibernate. Somewhere on the edges of time, out of touch with my self and my passion, and inundated with chaos, my brain was filled with all the omnipresent queries – Am I doing it right? Are we there yet? What’s taking so long? Why do I feel so out of sorts?

Just another day on the road to enlightenment, I suppose, but why does it have to be so often uncomfortable? And then I remembered…

Oh, how easy it can be to forget.

Last month I wrote about feeling awkward and out of place after a big internal shift during the Light Body Conference, as if most of my reality moorings had been cut loose. What I didn’t share was that the very same thing happened a few days later at the end of the Quantum Allowing workshop. Something even deeper had unfolded during that event, triggering deep transformations that are still working their way through my systems. Sitting down to join friends for dinner, once again that lost and awkward feeling began creeping in. I cringed, not wanting yet another episode of painful confusion. But then, a moment of magic happened. Continue reading

The Oslo Sessions: From Control to Freedom – 25% discount

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The Oslo Sessions: From Control to Freedom

25% discount through November 30, 2014

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Our lives are filled with external controls with everything from traffic signs to rules at work. But according to Tobias, the truly limiting controls come from within. We control our body by telling it what we think is best, even though our body already knows how to rejuvenate itself. We control our mind by trying to block out things we don’t like. And we control our spirit and soul through a matrix of outdated belief systems, including religion and even New Age.

In the Oslo Sessions, Tobias reviews the internal control systems and describes how we can release controls to allow for new physical, mental and spiritual freedom in our lives. He takes the listeners through the experience of choosing to let go of controls and then truly listening to the different levels of energies. Recorded live in Oslo, Norway in June 2006, this is excellent material for moving forward into the New Energy.

Excerpts from The Oslo Sessions:

Control is a limitation. Control is not truth. It is a distortion of energies. We’re not talking about how the outer world tries to control you, how you try to control the outer world; we’re talking you with yourself – how the mind, the body, even your spirit is controlled by you. Continue reading

The Crimson Circle Angel Program

Celebrating its fifth year of vital support of the work of the Crimson Circle


When Adamus took on the leadership of the Crimson Circle after Tobiasdeparture, one of the things in his first message to Shaumbra was a strong invitation to participate, whether financially, with blessings, with time, energy or anything else. The response to that call was amazing, with hundreds of Shaumbra asking how they could assist the Crimson Circle.

The staff got together for a brain- and heart-storming session, trying to decide the best way to allow and receive this support that Adamus had inspired among Shaumbra. And thus the Crimson Circle Angel program was born. The Angel program was launched in late 2009, and in the years since has grown steadily. As of November 2014, there are more than 800 active CC Angels who have a direct impact on this New Energy work around the world.

Crimson Circle Angels provide an essential energy for the Crimson Circle, not only with their financial support but also with their love and heartfelt encouragement. Continue reading

Consciousness Awakening

leigh_new_adjcroppedBy Leigh Bisset – Advanced Studies Teacher
Published in the November 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

I had been very unwell for several months. Pain and lack of energy marked my days. I lay in a messy bed that was long overdue for a good clean, my clothes were all over the place and I was surrounded by tissues carelessly thrown on the floor in the middle of the night. My nose was running and my eyes were continually leaking; l looked and felt like a puffer fish about ready to burst from its own toxins.

When the Light Body Conference* arrived I was at a breaking point, feeling just about done with life. I was in a hole, lost in my physical illness with nothing but the thoughts in my head to see me through. It seemed that even Adamus had stepped away.

Within days after the Conference everything changed.

As Dr. Doug spoke I listened closely, mentally ticking off all the boxes as he described the potential symptoms of light body integration. I still felt like hell but took comfort in knowing that I wasn’t alone; it was like turning on a light in a darkened room, a reprieve from how I was feeling. Continue reading

Ramblin’ On

GH-SmileGeoffrey Hoppe
Published in the November 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

There’s so much going on these days that’s it’s difficult to write an article about one single topic, so I’ll just ramble on. Like Adamus says, everything is layered and multi-dimensional. We no longer live in a singular, linear reality. Get used to it!

Women Only
An historic (but fortunately not hysteric) event happened at the recent THRESHOLD workshop in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. It was the first Crimson Circle event where all of the attendees were women!  Several men had signed up but it appears that the Goddess caused them to cancel. There were 25 female attendees and 3 female staff members. Usually the workshops are about 70% women and 30% men. This one was 100% pure Goddess. What’s up with that?

I didn’t realize the “odds” until I arrived in Canada and our host, Tammie O’Rielly, pointed it out to me. I have to admit that I was a little intimidated. I’m not sure why because I have three sisters. Even my mom was a girl. But I couldn’t remember ever being the only guy in a big group of ladies, especially for five days in a row. Then I started to look around the Sparkling Hill resort staff and noticed that nearly all of the sales staff, front desk clerks, spa attendants and housekeepers were women. The only guys were the bellmen, the ones who bring luggage to your room. I tipped them generously just in case I needed extra support.  Continue reading

Driving (me) Home

LesLeslie Hveem Published in the March 2010 Shaumbra Magazine

I ran away from home a while ago. Oh, I told everyone I was driving across the country to see my stepdaughter’s new baby and to visit some old friends along the way. Honestly though, I was running away from home; leaving my husband, my home, the Crimson Circle and everything that had occupied my life for the last 6 years. I was fed up and totally frustrated with it all. My discontent had reached epic proportions and all I wanted to do was escape. I had wild thoughts of never returning and finding the next big thing in my life somewhere out there, anywhere but where I was now. 

But a funny thing happened out there on the road. Instead of finding the next grand outer move in my life, I found gratitude for the life I had created now. And in the gratitude I discovered deep love for myself in being the creator of this life. I can barely tell you how it happened but one day everything was different. I had hours and hours of time driving in that car to just be. No agenda except to get to the next stop; no one to talk to, no one to care for. Just myself and large amounts of space and time. I saw what my life could have been in the lives of my old friends. I saw the new life my stepdaughter was creating for herself and actually heard her when she told me I worried too much. I saw the grey of winter in other parts of the country and yearned for the blue skies of Colorado. But most of all something happened that I have no words for. It did not occur in my thoughts or my words. It was born somewhere deep inside of me and slowly made it’s way to my consciousness. I do believe it was my new energy moment.  Continue reading

The Unexpected

JeanTin NEWJean Tinder
Published in the October 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

To state the obvious: Most of us desire change, but when it arrives we tend to wonder what’s wrong because it’s not what we expected.

Well, I suppose it keeps life interesting.

I recently had the privilege of giving my first public speech at the Light Body Conference in Salzburg, Austria. It was a wonderful event with about 160 Shaumbra gathering to celebrate life, love and this crazy adventure we share. I loved being a part of it and was involved in everything from setting up the store tables to helping manage the ballroom, working with the production equipment and running the webcast. Needless to say it kept me going in all directions and there wasn’t much time to get nervous before my speech. But the weeks and months beforehand were a different story.

Like many of us, I’ve held back from standing up in front of people and sharing my truth. Maybe it had something to do with getting my head lopped off or tossed in a frozen river or being burnt to a crisp too many times, but whenever I had an opportunity to speak up I would be overcome with dread, a quavering voice and a suddenly vacant brain. It’s much more comfortable (and safe) in the background and that’s where I usually prefer to be. And yet, the feeling that part of my reason for being on earth is to document and report on our collective journey reminds me I cannot hide forever. 

Determined to get over it, about two and a half years ago I joined Toastmasters, an international organization that supports people in becoming better communicators. Years ago during a Crimson Circle teacher training Toastmasters had been recommended to support the teaching experience, and the idea had always stuck with me. (I highly recommend it to anyone, teacher or not!) Driving to my first meeting with sweaty palms and pounding heart, voices were screaming in my head the whole wayStop! Don’t do this! You’re going to get us killed again!” Observing the cacophony inside, I knew it was a potent opportunity to invite home some exceedingly frightened aspects. Breathe it in…

Continue reading

Tobias on Mental Imbalance – 25% discount through Oct. 31

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Mental Imbalance

In this “Ask Tobias” session, recording in early 2007, Tobias answers questions about mental imbalance. Saying very clearly it should not be called ‘illness,’ Tobias goes on to explain how we are all mentally imbalanced to some degree, and why that imbalance occurs. According to Tobias, any time there is a particularly high or low consciousness movement there will also be a high incidence of mental imbalance.

Tobias says that the four main causes of mental imbalance are:

• Infusion of consciousness that overloads the mind (and how to rebalance it)
• Self-inflicted karma from past lives (this includes mental retardation)
• “Cross bearers” who take on mental imbalance on behalf of others
• Lingering influence of Atlantean programming (reinforced by headbands)

Continue reading

Consciousness Revolution

Design Element CompositionAdamus Saint-Germain’s
NEW! – Online streaming through Dec. 20, 2014

Adamus is in rare form in the new Consciousness Revolution. This 3-part series, available as a Crimson Circle Cloud Class, offers insights into some of the most profound changes taking place in the planet’s history.  It has elements of science fiction, spirituality and physics, all blended together with practical guidance for the viewer. 

Adamus begins by asking, “Why are you here?” and, in his typical style, presents a unique and provocative answer. He then launches into discussions about consciousness, dimensionality and the significance of Time. Adamus shares a story from his upcoming book, Memoirs of a Master, talks about the Overlords of Time, and in the final session guides the viewer into a personal experience beyond the limitations of Time. 

It’s a true Adamus classic, and helps set a new direction for Shaumbra for years to come. Filmed at the Crimson Circle Connection Center in late August with a live studio audience, Consciousness Revolution is riveting, intense and insightful. If you’ve ever wondered “Why am I here?” and “How do I get free?” Consciousness Revolution provides an amazing perspective that only an Ascended Master like Adamus Saint-Germain can provide. This is much more than a class… it’s our next step.

Available as a Cloud Class September 20 through December 20, 2014. View as often as you want during this time. Comments from viewers:

Comments from viewers:

“What a profound and smooth Revolution. Thank you so much Adamus. Life changing AND magic AND multidimensional AND liberating AND joyful AND expanding AND potentials AND unlimited experience.” – U.K.

“Very powerful. I felt quite dizzy during most of it and had to take long breaks between the parts. I know I will return many times. Revolution indeed!” – K.M.

“I choose to allow my beautiful limited self to expand into unlimited joyful unlimited timelessness unlimited undefined Consciousness. No thinking, I simply choose. Thank you.” – M.T.

“WOW.” – T.S.

Format: On demand video streaming
Language: English, Spanish, Russian
Length: 3 sessions, each about one hour
Cost: $95 USD

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My Love of Egypt

GH-SmileBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the October 2014 Shaumbra Magazine


Next month we’re going to one of my favorite places in the world – Egypt. It will be our 5th tour to this amazing and ancient country, and as I’ve said many times, I never get bored with the Land of the Pharaohs. Every time we’ve taken Shaumbra to Egypt I’ve had a deep personal experience of my own.

In late Spring this year, Linda and I were looking at our travel schedule and realized that we had an opening in November. Funny, we both thought that November was already booked but there it was right in front of us. An opening. We looked at each other and both said the same thing at the same time: Egypt. Everything after that fell into place. We were able to reserve the entire 5-star Nile cruiser just for Shaumbra (no other guests), the prices were reasonable and our ground operator, Mr. Sayed Khalil, was more than delighted to have us back. Even Mr. Hassan, our Egyptologist, agreed to guide our tour even though he is semi-retired.

Nile_Palm Trees smEgypt has undergone many conflicts and transitions these past few years. We were actually in Egypt with Shaumbra during two outbreaks but always felt safe. One of the most profound moments in my channeling career was in 2011 with 100 Shaumbra huddled together at the feet of the Sphinx. I channeled the Voice of Egypt, who called for the new Egypt to emerge from the ashes of the chaos. More conflicts ensued over the next two years, but in mid-2013 stability came back to the country. The Egyptian stock market has soared in the past year, tourists are returning in large numbers, and more than anything Egypt has now come back to the Egyptians.  Continue reading