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The Voice of Metatron

gerhard 2By Gerhard Fankhauser
Published in the March 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

Every creative person knows that special feeling of a moment of inspiration. There is this sudden tickling, sparkling thoughts and a taste of magic in the air; and you cannot help but surrender to that moment and go with it.

It doesn’t matter if that inspiration comes in words and images or melodies and tones; it is an experience of the spirit or ‘a spirit’ coming through you, in-spiring you, expressing itself through you. It is the feeling of being plugged into some grander source of knowledge, beauty and perfection. Of course, in order to express poetry one needs to know a spoken language, and in order to express a song one needs to know the language of music. But nevertheless, there is still that feeling of expansion into a grander being, whether our own or another.

Even in my early childhood I was very creative with music, writing songs and musical poetry, composing melodies and exploring the world of sound. I was familiar with the space of inspiration, maybe not conscious of what it was, but always enjoying it. And of course I’ve spent a lot of time in nature; listening to nature, receiving it’s harmony and also playing for it and enjoyed that intimate communion with mountains, trees, animals and myself. Those moments are always like a refuge for me and give me rest from this often too busy and noisy world.

When I met the Crimson Circle first and started to work with Geoffrey, Linda & Adamus I recognized immediately a great similarity between the space of music and the space of channeling, and over the years it became more and more natural to play within a channel and feel those spaces merging. Continue reading

Sexual Energies School UPDATE

SES_Update_ArtOffered for the first time online

June 27 – 29, 2015
Crimson Circle Connection Center
Louisville, Colorado USA

Click here for more info

During the intro part of the March Shoud, Linda made the comment that “it is very easy for us to tell who has taken the Sexual Energies School (SES).” This caused a flurry of discussion among Shaumbra, with plenty of comments from those who agreed as well as those who felt it was rather subjective or even a bit judgmental. A few days later, Geoffrey wrote the following note on Facebook to help clarify the issue.

Question: How can we tell whether or not someone has taken SES?

Answer: SES is one of the core Crimson Circle classes. Since 2007 it has been taught around the world by Linda and myself, as well as by hundreds of certified teachers. It is by far the most popular CC school. Channeled by Tobias, SES teaches people about a consciousness virus that comes as a result of ancient imbalances, most notably the imbalance between masculine-feminine energy. Students learn about victim-abuser dynamics, and ultimately about how others feed on their energy, or how they feed on others. Sometimes we refer to it as the original vampire effect.

When Linda and I are doing workshops, we are generally aware of who has taken SES and who hasn’t. Some signs are subtle, such as how a person interacts with others, and if they are wrapped in wounded victim consciousness. We make no judgment about it, but we do notice. Other times it is not so subtle. The person will deliberately look for attention, even if it means acting out in imbalanced ways. The telltale signs are things like interrupting, grabbing one by the arm to hold them back while talking, telling long and distracting stories, always showing up late for the sessions, and generally exhibiting a huge need for attention at the expense of the rest of the group. We don’t have it happen very often, but sometimes the student acts out in the class with a high degree of drama. Their lives are an emotional train wreck, but even when things settle down they create new drama because this is how they energy-feed. Continue reading

Act of Consciousness

Act_Consciousness_Cover_FrontSMTo Be or Not To Be… Enlightened
Available as Paperback or eBook

Life is an act. We act like humans, and therefore we experience like humans with a litany of limitations, shortcomings and drama that mask our underlying angelic consciousness. It’s an unnatural act that we have come to accept as reality.

In the long awaited Act of Consciousness, Ascended Master Adamus Saint-Germain dives deep into the metaphysics of reality creation. He defines the difference between consciousness and energy, and explains how the passion of our pure consciousness attracts energy from the unified field to manifest our reality. Defining the four primary levels of energy as Core (soul), Crystalline, Cosmic and Earth, Adamus educates the reader about how the various levels are used by our consciousness to manifest our stage-of-life.

Adamus implores the reader to act like a Master rather than acting like a less-than-perfect human. This change of act will literally change the type of energy being attracted into your life, and therefore change the reality theatre in which you exist. Some readers will question this approach saying, “It’s not real; it’s just an act,” to which Adamus will reply, “But everything in your life is just an act, so why not act like a prosperous, healthy and wise Master? This will change your life, but the real question is, ‘Are you really ready for a substantial change, or are you just trying to tidy up your current stage?’

It’s a remarkably simple and effective approach to an otherwise mental and laborious process of becoming your full potential. Act of Consciousness will make you laugh, make you angry and make you question your beliefs about how reality is created and experienced. By the time you read Adamus’ last words you will breathe a huge sigh of relief to know that life is as easy as an Act of Consciousness.

Now available on Amazon in paperback or e-book format.

Excerpts from
Act of Consciousness
Continue reading

Hypnosis or Choice?

GH_ShoudJT1By Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the April 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

At the recent Consciousness Unleashed workshop in Medellin, Colombia, Adamus talked at length about hypnosis. The human mind is subject to many different levels of hypnotic suggestion, he said, ranging from TV ads, Internet information and energies, our families and other people. He also discussed deliberate, malicious hypnotism, using the Malaysia Air flight MH370 as an example of how it can be used to target specific groups or people. If you remember, flight MH370 disappeared over the Indian Ocean more than a year ago. Not a trace has been found. Authorities and aviation experts have no information into what caused this large Boeing 777 aircraft to vanish.

During the workshop on Sunday, March 22 Adamus said it would happen again soon. On Tuesday, March 24, GermanWings flight 9525 crashed in the French Alps. When I heard the first news of the crash, long before anything was known about the cause, I had the same sinking, nauseous feeling as I did when I heard about MH370. Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. It was far too coincidental that Adamus had just talked about another strange aircraft incident.

The news of the crash haunted me. I felt tremendous sadness for those who died, and especially for their families, and for everyone in Germany and Spain. How strange it was that the weather was good, and there didn’t seem to be any mechanical problems because the aircraft had a controlled descent. Plus, there was no distress call from the cockpit. I spent 10 years in the aviation business, and while not a pilot myself, I learned a lot about flying. Something was horribly wrong. Continue reading

AND Consciousness

jean_portrait_new2croppedBy Jean Tinder
Published in the March 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

Have you ever felt on top of the world, like you finally have it together, only to have something happen that sends you to the pit of despair? Or maybe one day you feel like this enlightenment thing is almost within your grasp, and the next day you wake up filled with dread and sadness from god-knows-where. I know we’ve all felt this dizzying shift from the highest highs to the lowest lows, and when we look for something to blame it on we usually find it in the mirror. But for humans on the path of integration, these crazy days can actually be a shortcut to realization. It’s all about where you put your consciousness.

When we make the choice, whether consciously or not, to embark on the process of integration, well, stuff happens. In fact, I think a lot of the misery we call “ascension symptoms” is actually side effects of the integration process. It can be helpful to remember that when a stuck aspect comes knocking at the door of your Self, it will bring along all its stinky baggage like fear, anger, sadness, guilt, and whatever other nastiness caused us to hide it away in the first place. When an aspect comes close, we feel all that stuff – and then wonder what’s wrong with us. But that moment of feeling the ugliness is actually the golden opportunity for integration. Continue reading

Fierce Grace and Freedom

IMG_0717croppedBy Donna Van Keuren
Published in the March 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

“Each of you has chosen to be a teacher of the New Energy. You will do whatever it takes. You will sacrifice whatever it takes. You will release whatever it takes from your life to be one who is at the forefront, one who will be a teacher.”
Tobias – Creator Series

Several years ago while vacationing in the Florida Keys with girlfriends, one of these lovely ladies suggests we go snorkeling. In a moment of rum–laden madness, I agree. Me. The person who is afraid of deep water says, “Oh, wouldn’t that be fun! I have never been snorkeling. Sign me up.”

On the day of said snorkeling event, a low–grade terror begins to percolate, growing steadily, until I find myself on a speedboat headed out onto the ocean. Crashing over waves, the shore only a distant memory, the adventure guide says something captivating about sharks and how we should be safe.

As we are given our snorkeling instructions I try to listen, but the blood pounding in my ears makes it a challenge. I triple check my equipment: goggles – on; fins – on; goggles – on… By this time everyone is in the water but me. Imagining I feel like a Navy SEAL about to go on special ops, I survey the void before me. I cannot see anyone else because the waves are so big. I cannot see land. I cannot see how I am going to get out of this boat. Continue reading

Letting Go of Guilt

john_flaherty-croppedBy John Flaherty
Published in the March 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

As many of you who followed the NEC in Salzburg, Austria last year will know, I was privileged to be amongst the guest speakers and to share something of the message of my book Addiction Unplugged: How To Be Free – the first book of its kind to be written from the perspective of conscious awareness. I look forward to similarly sharing its message of freedom with Shaumbra attending the upcoming event on the beautiful Greek island of Kos this coming May.


For those of you who haven’t yet come across the book, I can only invite you to consider getting hold of a copy – for I know you will find in its pages exactly what your heart has been looking for. I say that not from arrogance but simply because I realise that by sharing its message of freedom, we can overcome together, not only addiction to substances, but our addiction to a way of life that has been intoxicating us all. Continue reading

Sweet Integration – New!

Sweet IntegrationWith Adamus, Yoham and Metatron

“Ultimately, enlightenment is the integration. It’s integration of aspects. It’s integration of body, mind and spirit into the Body of Consciousness. It’s integration of the past and the future. Integration occurs when one allows.

Integration is bringing back together every part of you – divine and human, masculine, feminine – bringing it back together into your wholeness, your oneness, your I Am-ness.”
~ Adamus Saint-Germain

Sweet Integration

During the Quantum Allowing workshop in Louisville, Colorado in early 2015, Adamus invited the attendees for an evening experience of “Sweet Integration.” He gave a short channel, followed by about 50 minutes of inspired music with Yoham, infused by the accompanying energies of Metatron.

You are invited to relax into this experience and allow your own integration. Sink back into the supporting energies, knowing that the essence of Adamus and Metatron will be very present with you.

Immersed in the energies of Quantum Allowing, Gerhard Fankhauser, Einat Gilboa and Amir Yakobi give one of their most inspired performances in Sweet Integration. Flow along on the waves of energy and music, and allow yourself to fully enter into this magical experience.

For the best listening experience, please use high quality headphones in a space where you will not be interrupted.

Available for a special price through April 30:
Audio and video download set – $40

After May 1, 2015
Video download – $35
Audio download – $25

Click for more info on Sweet Integration