Creating Home

JeanTin NEWHome. It’s such a heart-tugging word, especially when you’ve been away for a long time. To be home usually means to feel safe, to be accepted, and be able to relax into your own space. No matter how many adventures we have, there’s nothing like the feeling of finally coming back home, whether after a short trip across town or an eon’s-long trip across creation. I think coming Home is a universal longing of the human heart.

The newest “home” that’s come into being is the brand new Crimson Circle Connection Center (4C), a real physical home for the Shaumbra entity and energy. It’s an amazing creation and is still in the process becoming real to me. After the June broadcast I felt a little lost – “Shouldn’t I be packing something up? Loading something in the car?” A few days later we had a staff meeting at the Center, and I was a little startled to see everything still there. I’m slowly becoming convinced that it’s real. (To see a short video tour of the CCCC, click here.)

How long has it been since we, Shaumbra, have had our own home with our name on the building for all to see? I don’t think it’s possible to count the years or even the lifetimes since that happened. If I allow the memories to open up and follow our history back in time, I find myself at the Temples of Tien, our first collective home on Earth. For a long time we lived in peace and harmony in Atlantis, exploring our world, working with energy, learning about consciousness. But we still had a lot of growing to do and eventually things changed. Atlantis fell, but not before the Temples were ransacked, the gardens destroyed, loved ones driven away, hearts broken and dreams shattered.*  Continue reading

“Rising to Freedom” – Tobias in Israel

rising2freedom25% off through July 31, 2014

During his final visit to Israel with Geoff & Linda, Tobias spoke passionately of his love for the land and his plan to return one day when embodied as the one he calls “Sam.” Sharing about the deep freedom found in letting go of family, ancestry, belief systems and the mind, he asked, “What more is there on Earth than to be free and experience life?”

Tobias also talked about the many, many energies of human lifetimes that are buried in the land and how they are beginning to arise and awaken as they feel “the end of old times.” He explained how Shaumbra can help these energies find their way back to the angelic realms and find resolution rather than create more irritating and chaotic energy for the people of this region.

In the Question & Answer session Tobias talked about creating in the New Energy, abundance, sleep issues, adolescence, New Energy channeling, relationships and much more.

This set includes two channels plus Q&A, recorded live in Tel Aviv Israel on February 14, 2009.

Excerpts from Rising to Freedom:

I have this new life that I’ve designed and created and given freedom to, this being called Sam. I’ll tell you something interesting. Sam will be here [in Israel] in fourteen years. He’ll come here by accident, so he thinks. And when he is here, sitting in a very special place that I, Tobias, used to sit in, it will all come back to him. He will remember who he is. He will remember the lifetimes of Tobias, the lifetimes counting more than 30 where he lived in this land of Israel. And in this moment of enlightenment Sam will remember times when he lived in Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria. It will all come back to him. 

Something very interesting about Sam, my next lifetime, is that I have given that lifetime freedom. I’m not pulling the strings. Oh, indeed, there have been what you would call destiny seeds, certain events that we know are going to happen, but Sam is going to have freedom. He’s going to remember his past lifetimes, my past lifetimes, but as much as he is going to realize his past, he’s going to be free. 

I invite every one of you today to be free of your past. Love your past. Bless your past. Invite your past lives to integrate back with you in this precious moment here, but be free of them. 

This path isn’t for everybody. It’s not for those who just want to be a little better human. It’s not for those who are seeking to impress friends and strangers alike on how enlightened and profound they are. This path is not for those who say they choose freedom, but really are still holding onto certain things because they’re afraid of losing all their identity. 

This path is for the few who truly are ready to discover their divine Self, their full Self integrated with their human self. 

When you make a choice to be free, understand it’s going to change energy in your life. It’s going to change your relationships. It’s going to change your career path. It’s going to change the people you know, and it’s going to change how you relate to people in general. It’s going to change because you made the choice.


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Live for the Joy of It

John McCurdyBy John McCurdy
Published in the July 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

In late May I left the place where I spent a wonderful month-long personal retreat in the backwoods of North Carolina, grateful to my Shaumbra host and feeling eager to be on the road again in my camper-van home. All I knew about my next destination was that I needed to stop for a few days in Asheville, after which I would head north and west to visit some friends and family before getting back to Colorado in time for the June Shoud. But like the saying goes, if you want to make God (Self) laugh, just make a plan!

After a few wonderful days in Asheville I figured I’d seen what I needed to see, so I stowed my motorcycle, hooked up the trailer, and headed out of town. But as I approached the ramp to the west-bound freeway some thought grabbed the attention of my mind, and the next thing I knew I had sailed right past my turn and was headed in the wrong direction. Surprised and a little disoriented I pulled off at the next exit, wondering what had just happened and what it meant. I stopped for a while to eat lunch and see if some new clarity would come. Was something guiding me to stay in Asheville? Or to go in some other direction?

After a couple hours and no new insights I headed west again, over the mountains and then north through Tennessee. And I started feeling more and more depressed and getting more and more stuck in confusion and worry. What am I doing? Where does this journey end? When do I start my “real” work? What happens if my van breaks down? And down and down I spiraled… Continue reading

The Great Mystery – Going Beyond the Mind

By Gerhard FankhauserGerhardportrait

Published in the July 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

As we are presenting the ‘Mystery School of Music’ we are of course also faced with the question of what this Mystery School is all about, why we created it and what somebody will learn and experience by going through it. In order to answer those questions I have to go back in time around 25 years when I had my first truly magical experiences through music; moments where the music helped me travel beyond my mind and personal reality into an experience of something much grander, meaningful and timeless. Let’s call it ‘the Great Mystery.’

It was those magical moments that lit a flame and passion within me that has burned ever since; a passion to surrender fully to the magic of music and harmony, learn and share its secrets and ultimately to let the music carry me home into the true temple within myself, into the ‘I am’ presence. This passion made me travel to the farthest corners of this world, sit with yogis, shamans and masters, research the power of sound and experience and learn the music’s mystery and gift. A magical experience lights a flame of passion in your heart and this flame is worth everything; it is a torch on your path to enlightenment.

We don’t want to teach you music but rather share with you moments of magic, and music carries an extraordinary magic that we all can feel and experience.  Continue reading

An Amazing Transformation

GundiGabrielleBy Gundi Gabrielle
Published in the July 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

This is the story of my amazing spiritual journey over the last year. – A journey through crushing blows, losing everything, learning to trust, allowing and then experiencing the most amazing synchronicities – and a completely new and unexpected direction in my life.

I am a classical conductor, pianist & organist by profession. I also went to Med School and am a few credits short of MD. I write spiritual songs and have started a spiritual blog called “Happy Dolphin Café.” During my music career I played Carnegie Hall, for the Pope at the Vatican and many other famous venues, including the big cathedrals of Europe, experiencing great initial success in my life. I lived in fascinating places like New York, Los Angeles, Vienna, Hawaii and others, travelled all over the world – which is one of my passions – ran a successful company and became a social entrepreneur.

Of course, like everyone I also experienced my share of difficulties and crushing blows, but nothing could prepare me for the journey I was about to embark on last summer.

It almost cost me my life, almost broke me completely, I lost everything – and yet, I am now finding “everything” and am beginning to experience the great lightness of being when in the flow of allowing, letting go of control, and trusting my intuition (my gateway to the Divine). Continue reading

Moncton shootings – Breathing in the darkness

PHOTO-ReneeMorel-croppedSMBy Renée Morel
Published in the July 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

It’s early Sunday morning in Moncton, New Brunswick. I’m awake in the middle of the night again and won’t be able to sleep until I write this down. It’s been a little more than 48 hours since the Mounties got their man. People are saying it’s a miracle that it happened without further bloodshed. Many of the headlines and tweets read like this: “Shooting Suspect Arrested,” “Moncton can breathe again.” While most people were holding their breaths, I was doing the opposite. I have Adamus to thank for that.

During the May Shoud, he spent a long time talking about breathing, and specifically about breathing in the darkness. He talked about how darkness is part of our divinity, that it represents the things we don’t love about ourselves, and how important it is to allow and to breathe in those energies. He went on to explain that evil is simply “a mass consciousness expression of suppressed darkness of the individuals” and, because so many people suppress their dark energy, eventually someone picks up on it, and it explodes.

And so, on the evening of June 4th, a 24 year-old man, unknown to police, allegedly walked out of his home in a residential neighborhood dressed in full camouflage gear and carrying a couple of high powered rifles. Eyewitnesses reported that he seemed to be on ‘a mission.’ After police arrived, shots were heard. With three RCMP officers dead and two others wounded, a massive manhunt ensued involving over 300 law enforcement officers, including SWAT teams, armored vehicles, helicopters, and state of the art surveillance equipment.

Blocking off a wide search area, police asked people to stay inside and lock their doors. Continue reading

The Best Job in the World

GH-SmileBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the July 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

What do you do for a living? I know many Shaumbra who are doctors and psychologists, healers and software programmers. Some work in a government job or teach at a university, while others are graphic designers or accounting managers. Quite a few Shaumbra are retired, and a surprising number of Shaumbra have their own business.

I have one of the best jobs in the world. I work with a dedicated team of New Energy professionals at the Crimson Circle here in Colorado, USA. The Crimson Circle doesn’t have an office; the staff works from their homes. After many decades of driving back and forth to work and putting up with corporate office dynamics, it’s a blessing to work with this team and from my home. I get to travel around the world with Linda, meet amazing Shaumbra and see places I never imaged. I work long hours but it’s always a joy because I’m in my true passion. Plus, my boss is an angel.

Whether you’re a construction worker or an architect, an engineer or physicist, this is not your real job. It’s a way to make a living, pay your bills and perhaps express your talents.

Your real job is a Consciousness Pioneer. It’s the best job in the world.

A Consciousness Pioneer is one who explores new realms of consciousness and awareness. Not many humans have this title; most are content with following their old karmic and destiny paths. They shudder at the very thought of exploring new levels of consciousness, if they even know what consciousness is. In fact most people are unconscious about consciousness. A quick Google search shows that there are 26 million results for a search on the word consciousness, compared to 191 million results for religion, 235 million results for soccer, 686 million results for fashion, 714 million results for money and 761 million results for sex.

A Consciousness Pioneer dives into new feelings, thoughts and emotions. At some point they go beyond thinking and emotion, deep into sensual awareness. They break out of Mass Consciousness limitations, going into the unexplainable and incomprehensible. They imagine the unimaginable and create new levels of consciousness.  Continue reading

Breathe It In

JeanTin NEWBy Jean Tinder
Published in the June 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

Sometimes we can forget the simplest wisdom, but fortunately there are others around to help us remember.

A few weeks ago a friend was telling me about various frustrations including annoying neighbors, work troubles, and basically life in general. Things are pretty intense these days and I could definitely relate. However, Adamus’ words from the recent Shoud were still fresh in my mind so I mentioned she might want to try breathing in all the annoying energies. I tried to say it gently, because who really wants to breathe in something you don’t like?

Our conversation went on to other things and I (totally) forgot about it. A few days later it was my turn to face some very uncomfortable situations. Misunderstandings, conflicts and negotiations with family members (and ex family members) can trigger some of the worst emotions and highlight some of the most stuck energies. Barely a week after the conversation with my friend, I was completely lost in my own misery. And, to make it even worse, I was totally aware of being stuck in it – but still at a loss as to how to extricate myself. The only thing I could think of was to scream at the top of my lungs all the way down the mountain. (Yes, the car windows were closed!) All the hollering was somewhat therapeutic and definitely moved some energy. But it didn’t do much to transform the brain cramp (and heartache) I was having, or the buttons that other people kept pushing.

I happened to see my friend again and poured out the whole situation. After listening to me rant for several minutes, she wanted to share a little story. Not long ago she had been in a similar state, and “someone” had reminded her to breathe it all in. Since nothing else was helping, she decided to try it and see what happened. And in the space of about six days, everything had changed! Continue reading

Embracing Our Darkness

John McCurdyBy John McCurdy – Awakening Zone Coordinator
Published in the June 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

Over the past month of intense energies and dramatic cosmic configurations I managed to avoid most of the external drama by secluding myself and my camper-home in the beautiful woods of North Carolina, where the only other person around was my hostess, a fellow Shaumbra Master. But in freeing myself from external distractions I also opened the door to all the drama still going on inside of me. Things like, What am I doing out here in the middle of nowhere when my passion is teaching? Why am I still living on the edge financially?

Those questions mostly just make me smile these days, for I KNOW that I’m on course and that everything is coming to me in a beautiful way. But then the deeper, darker, and more intense parts come out to play: Why does my body ache for sex? Why does my mind rage with sexual fantasies? I’m a teacher of Tobias’ Sexual Energies School, for god’s sake, by now I should be able to satisfy that hunger within myself. So why does it still torment me? Why can’t I love myself better?

In desperation I signed up for a private session with Archangel Michael through Robert Theiss, and his message to me was very simple: “Can you be okay with those parts of you? Can you love yourself that much?” Continue reading

The Truth About Masculine and Feminine Energy – Part One

jim_self_newBy Jim Self
Published in the June 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

Excerpted from a webinar series on “Relationships During the Shift”

This Shift in consciousness is deep. It is fundamental and it is happening from the inside out. It is changing how you think, how you perceive and what you believe. It will alter your perception of the world around you and, more importantly, it will change your relationship to absolutely everything that you know. It is very exciting. It is very expansive.

One of the things that I am aware of is that in the beginning the Creator said, “I wish to know myself to the farthest edge of the farthest edge so that I can understand myself.” In real terms the Creator was saying, “I wish to know myself in relationship to and with everything that is around me.” This is about relationship, your relationship to everything around you and how you perceive it from within you.

In the third dimension masculine energy and feminine energy are very much out of balance. Have you ever played a game where you did not know the rules of the game and yet you kept playing? Like the stock market, for example. How did you do? Most in the third dimension do not know the rules and they don’t know how to succeed or exit the game. Becoming aware of and understanding the rules and the structures of the third and fourth dimensions is a means to step out of the third dimension and choose to live in the higher third and fourth dimensions. Knowing the rules to the games we are playing is a really big deal. Most don’t even explore the rules, because they are too busy moving from past to future and they don’t spend a moment of conscious time in the present.

Relationship is the biggest game on the planet and most of us don’t know the rules. Continue reading