A Universe in Motion

MSDcroppedBy Mary Sue Dickerson
Published in the February 2016 Shaumbra Magazine

Editor’s note: Mary Sue Dickerson spoke with Adamus about Walter Russell during the January 2, 2016 Shoud.

Walter Russell (1870-1962) introduced the concept of a universe of motion rather than matter. We have all heard the universe is an illusion or you create your own reality, but if you’re like me, you didn’t REALLY believe it. What we really want is a way to create the events in our life for what our human consciousness desires. Adamus is working with us on a different level to connect to our knowingness beyond our human consciousness. What role could understanding a universe of motion possibly have to do with multi-dimensionality? A universe in motion is one of multi-dimensionality. A change in our awareness actually changes the motion (events) in our lives – an escape from our unlocked prison cells – a common metaphor with Adamus. A universe of motion takes freedom to a new level.

As I listened to Adamus in October 2015 tell us we do not move through Timespace, but that Timespace moves through us, I felt the objective rug disappear from under my feet. As Adamus was speaking, I remembered a book I read (or tried to read) by Walter Russell called “A New Concept of the Universe” (1953), so I picked it up again with “new” eyes. With the words Adamus had spoken, I was able to understand Russell’s concept on a clearer level. Opportunities for living in a world of motion rather than objects started coming to me.

Adamus as Mark Twain knew Walter Russell. Twain had even invited Walter Russell to join the Twilight Club where the group met at each other’s homes to discuss the events of the day. In that lifetime, Twain thought Russell was crazy. While most people laughed at Russell, with hindsight he is now being called the Leonardo da Vinci of the twentieth century because he became notably proficient in many areas: music, illustration, science, painting, poetry, and sculpture. He was born in Boston and before he could walk or speak, he could play any tune he heard on the piano with one finger. He received no formal education after the age of eight. Continue reading

A Different World

GH_Barstool-croppedBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the February 2016 Shaumbra Magazine

blast to the past: I was 18 years old when I first heard the word “semi-conductor.” I was living in Mountain View, California, the year was 1974, and I was working at the NASA Ames Research Center. Steve Jobs, who was about my age, lived 5 miles from my apartment. The term “Silicon Valley” was at least a decade away from being popularized.   

Fast forward to today: In the recent ProGnost 2016, Adamus talked about a new world coming. It’s a world where technology changes the very fabric of humanity. He talked about sensors and robots, the Internet-of-Things, 3D printers that can make everything from food to human body parts, nanotechnology that can make just about anything out of thin air, and virtual reality helmets that radically alter the interpretation of reality. From my naiveté about semi-conductors in 1974 to a view of a coming world filled with mind-boggling and life-altering technology, ProGnost 2016 was a jolt to my consciousness. It paints the map for what comes next. The big change-factors aren’t politics or religion or the economy or even terrorism. It’s technology.

According to Adamus, all of the examples he talked about are already here, either in advanced R&D stages or currently available. The speed of computing is doubling every two years or less, and the cost is being halved (Moore’s Law). That means we’ll be able to create new technologies and products, and find answers to challenging scientific and medical questions, at a pace previously unknown to humankind. Think about it: The Apple iPhone was introduced in June 2007 (three months prior to our Quantum Leap Celebration in Taos, New Mexico). Less than 10 years later there are over 2 billion smart phones in use worldwide, not to mention another 2.5 billion regular mobile phones.  Continue reading

What to Watch

We recently asked Shaumbra on Facebook to share their favorite movies, expecting to receive a few dozen suggestions. To our delight, we ended up with about 350 movie titles! Obviously we haven’t seen all of them (yet!), but every single movie listed below has been watched and loved by Shaumbra somewhere in the world.

We hope you enjoy this great combination of comedy, action, inspiration and more!

Note: Titles are linked to movie trailers or more info where possible. If a title is not linked, that means there are multiple versions or editions, and you’ll have to explore them for yourself.
Special thanks to Joep Claessens for finding all the links!

Movies Recommend by Shaumbra

2001: A Space Odyssey
3001 The Final Odyssey
The 13th Floor

Continue reading

A Love Letter

Jean1509By Jean Tinder
Published in the January 2016 Shaumbra Magazine

Dear Self,

In this season of turning inward, reassessment and rejuvenation, it’s time to clarify a few things. So let’s take a deep breath, settle in, and share a moment.

First, to my dear precious Body: yes, I know things have been difficult for you these last several years. Heck, this whole lifetime has been rough. I remember (and so do you) the struggles and pains you’ve had in other lifetimes, but for sheer ongoing pressure this one pretty much beats all. And yet here you are, still chugging along and doing your best day after day. How I love you for that.

The funny thing is, my Mind always thought you needed help and guidance. It didn’t trust that you could manage, I guess, for it was always coming up with new ideas and trying to impose someone else’s latest cure-all notion on you. And, for whatever reason, I let it. In fact, in my eagerness to move forward, sometimes I kind of forgot about you, dear Body. I expected you to keep up with me, regardless of what else was going on, and amazingly you have! You’ve always done your best to manage all the crazy stuff I ask of you. What I sometimes forgot was that instead of sporadic and often conflicting instructions, what you really needed was my trust and love. Well, here it is, one hundred percent. Better late than never, right?

Another funny thing is that, while I really want to do this enlightenment/transfiguration thing with you, until very recently the fact that you’ve never actually done it before kind of escaped me. Even with all the wisdom and ingenuity you’ve collected from all our lifetimes, you weren’t quite sure about this whole process. So you’ve been a bit frightened. Of course it didn’t help that I kept listening other people’s advice for you, because that gave you the message that I didn’t think you could manage. I’m sorry for that, because I know you CAN do it – as long as we do it together. You are going to survive this, I promise, and from now on you have my absolute trust. Continue reading

Ho and the Handmaiden

J-HandmaidenBy Joachim Wolffram
Published in the January 2016 Shaumbra Magazine

Ho was sitting on a bench and quietly sipping his beverage. The mood in the Ascended Masters Club was not yet bubbling, so it seemed to be just the right atmosphere for his appointment. Ho showed up in this location only occasionally as he so much enjoyed being on his own. Today though was assessment day. His on-going bet deserved a meeting every few months. Also he felt that his betting opponent had been having a rough time lately and required some encouragement.

Ho sensed a slight draft, turned to see the back door opening, and in came an inconspicuous handmaiden. She was relieved seeing Ho sitting so close to the back door, slipped in and took the seat opposite Ho.

Raising an eyebrow Ho said: “I know our colleagues are not that perceptive today. But it might be that this costume of yours is a bit too understated. They might be reminded of your catchphrase from back then. What was it …? ‘Only a master is a handmaiden?’”

“Only a master can be in true service,” the handmaiden said shyly, fiddling at her headscarf in an attempt to hide her facial features.

“Ah, that one. Liked it. Ranks quite high on your endless list of most favorite sayings, does it?”

“Don’t mock me. I notice you changed your name?” Continue reading

ProGnost™ 2016 — Planetary Trend Forecast

A roadmap for Shaumbra for the next 20 years

Adamus Saint-Germain
with Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe

• What happens when pure consciousness converges with physical reality?
• When technology exceeds the mind’s capacity to understand it?
• When nearly every facet of life is monitored by sensors?
• When every human experience is demanding freedom?

The answer is the DISRUPTION of old systems.

In this fast-paced, provocative and multi-layered presentation, Adamus looks not only into the coming year but the coming decade and beyond. Planet Earth is in the midst of monumental changes on all fronts, from technology to medicine, education to religion, food to finance and more. It’s not “coming soon,” it’s happening now. Continue reading