The Unexpected

JeanTin NEWJean Tinder
Published in the October 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

To state the obvious: Most of us desire change, but when it arrives we tend to wonder what’s wrong because it’s not what we expected.

Well, I suppose it keeps life interesting.

I recently had the privilege of giving my first public speech at the Light Body Conference in Salzburg, Austria. It was a wonderful event with about 160 Shaumbra gathering to celebrate life, love and this crazy adventure we share. I loved being a part of it and was involved in everything from setting up the store tables to helping manage the ballroom, working with the production equipment and running the webcast. Needless to say it kept me going in all directions and there wasn’t much time to get nervous before my speech. But the weeks and months beforehand were a different story.

Like many of us, I’ve held back from standing up in front of people and sharing my truth. Maybe it had something to do with getting my head lopped off or tossed in a frozen river or being burnt to a crisp too many times, but whenever I had an opportunity to speak up I would be overcome with dread, a quavering voice and a suddenly vacant brain. It’s much more comfortable (and safe) in the background and that’s where I usually prefer to be. And yet, the feeling that part of my reason for being on earth is to document and report on our collective journey reminds me I cannot hide forever. 

Determined to get over it, about two and a half years ago I joined Toastmasters, an international organization that supports people in becoming better communicators. Years ago during a Crimson Circle teacher training Toastmasters had been recommended to support the teaching experience, and the idea had always stuck with me. (I highly recommend it to anyone, teacher or not!) Driving to my first meeting with sweaty palms and pounding heart, voices were screaming in my head the whole wayStop! Don’t do this! You’re going to get us killed again!” Observing the cacophony inside, I knew it was a potent opportunity to invite home some exceedingly frightened aspects. Breathe it in…

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Tobias on Mental Imbalance – 25% discount through Oct. 31

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Mental Imbalance

In this “Ask Tobias” session, recording in early 2007, Tobias answers questions about mental imbalance. Saying very clearly it should not be called ‘illness,’ Tobias goes on to explain how we are all mentally imbalanced to some degree, and why that imbalance occurs. According to Tobias, any time there is a particularly high or low consciousness movement there will also be a high incidence of mental imbalance.

Tobias says that the four main causes of mental imbalance are:

• Infusion of consciousness that overloads the mind (and how to rebalance it)
• Self-inflicted karma from past lives (this includes mental retardation)
• “Cross bearers” who take on mental imbalance on behalf of others
• Lingering influence of Atlantean programming (reinforced by headbands)

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Consciousness Revolution

Design Element CompositionAdamus Saint-Germain’s
NEW! – Online streaming through Dec. 20, 2014

Adamus is in rare form in the new Consciousness Revolution. This 3-part series, available as a Crimson Circle Cloud Class, offers insights into some of the most profound changes taking place in the planet’s history.  It has elements of science fiction, spirituality and physics, all blended together with practical guidance for the viewer. 

Adamus begins by asking, “Why are you here?” and, in his typical style, presents a unique and provocative answer. He then launches into discussions about consciousness, dimensionality and the significance of Time. Adamus shares a story from his upcoming book, Memoirs of a Master, talks about the Overlords of Time, and in the final session guides the viewer into a personal experience beyond the limitations of Time. 

It’s a true Adamus classic, and helps set a new direction for Shaumbra for years to come. Filmed at the Crimson Circle Connection Center in late August with a live studio audience, Consciousness Revolution is riveting, intense and insightful. If you’ve ever wondered “Why am I here?” and “How do I get free?” Consciousness Revolution provides an amazing perspective that only an Ascended Master like Adamus Saint-Germain can provide. This is much more than a class… it’s our next step.

Available as a Cloud Class September 20 through December 20, 2014. View as often as you want during this time. Comments from viewers:

Comments from viewers:

“What a profound and smooth Revolution. Thank you so much Adamus. Life changing AND magic AND multidimensional AND liberating AND joyful AND expanding AND potentials AND unlimited experience.” – U.K.

“Very powerful. I felt quite dizzy during most of it and had to take long breaks between the parts. I know I will return many times. Revolution indeed!” – K.M.

“I choose to allow my beautiful limited self to expand into unlimited joyful unlimited timelessness unlimited undefined Consciousness. No thinking, I simply choose. Thank you.” – M.T.

“WOW.” – T.S.

Format: On demand video streaming
Language: English, Spanish, Russian
Length: 3 sessions, each about one hour
Cost: $95 USD

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My Love of Egypt

GH-SmileBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the October 2014 Shaumbra Magazine


Next month we’re going to one of my favorite places in the world – Egypt. It will be our 5th tour to this amazing and ancient country, and as I’ve said many times, I never get bored with the Land of the Pharaohs. Every time we’ve taken Shaumbra to Egypt I’ve had a deep personal experience of my own.

In late Spring this year, Linda and I were looking at our travel schedule and realized that we had an opening in November. Funny, we both thought that November was already booked but there it was right in front of us. An opening. We looked at each other and both said the same thing at the same time: Egypt. Everything after that fell into place. We were able to reserve the entire 5-star Nile cruiser just for Shaumbra (no other guests), the prices were reasonable and our ground operator, Mr. Sayed Khalil, was more than delighted to have us back. Even Mr. Hassan, our Egyptologist, agreed to guide our tour even though he is semi-retired.

Nile_Palm Trees smEgypt has undergone many conflicts and transitions these past few years. We were actually in Egypt with Shaumbra during two outbreaks but always felt safe. One of the most profound moments in my channeling career was in 2011 with 100 Shaumbra huddled together at the feet of the Sphinx. I channeled the Voice of Egypt, who called for the new Egypt to emerge from the ashes of the chaos. More conflicts ensued over the next two years, but in mid-2013 stability came back to the country. The Egyptian stock market has soared in the past year, tourists are returning in large numbers, and more than anything Egypt has now come back to the Egyptians.  Continue reading

The Essence of Relationships

LeeBy Lee Harris
Published in the October 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

When you meet another soul that you feel attracted to, you’re drawn to them based on their energy, whether you feel they will be in your life for just a moment or for a lifetime.

Firstly let me implode one of the myths that people hold around relationships. It’s the idea that any relationship you have must last forever to be of high value. This is not the truth. The truth of that moment was that it was the truth for both of you. The reason it can be so difficult to let go is because when you join your love with another, you place investment in your love with them. An energy of love is created between the two of you that you are both sharing and being nurtured by.

So, when that person suddenly disappears or walks away or you feel you have to walk away from them, it is one of the hardest losses you can feel inside yourself – particularly for those of you who are sensitive. You feel the removal of an energy that was in your life that you want back and this can be painful. But understand this, there is no one in your life that you have loved or that has loved you that has not simply ignited something that was already inside you.

To put this more simply, that other person helped you to find the love and feelings you have inside you. You collaborated with the person you were in a relationship with, in order to experience the love inside of you grow; and if this person disappears, the love itself does not disappear from inside you. But the pain of the loss can often make the love become a very small seed in you again which may need re-awakening. Continue reading

They Don’t See It

GH-SmileBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the October 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

Looking out the window of the large luxury coach, I was appalled at the sight of trash and litter on the streets and along the river canal. Egypt is such a beautiful country but for the life of me I couldn’t understand the piles of trash.

Sitting next to me on the coach was Gerhard Fankhauser of the music group Yoham. He had spent many years in India so perhaps he was a little less shocked by the trash than I was. “How can they just throw their trash on the streets and in the canals?” I asked in dismay. Gerhard looked a little surprised that I would even ask the question. He replied, “They don’t even see it. It’s not in their consciousness.”

Many years later I still remember his answer. “They don’t see it. It’s not in their consciousness.” I have to remind myself of this on a regular basis, especially when I see people doing things I just don’t understand. Why do people harm themselves? Why do they stay stuck when the solutions seem rather obvious? Why do they fight battles and wars, or steal energy from others? Why do they look for answers outside themselves? Why do humans do the crazy things they do?

Adamus has been talking about consciousness ever since he started working with us in 2009. Consciousness is at the core of everything, according to Master A. Consciousness came long before love. You can’t have any form of intelligence without consciousness. There would be no physical matter without consciousness. It is consciousness that created energy, and without it energy would not exist. Without consciousness we wouldn’t even realize that we exist (duh). Actually, we wouldn’t exist at all. Continue reading

Riding the Waves

JeanTin NEWBy Jean Tinder
Published in the September 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

A few days ago I took my kids to the local water park. It is a huge attraction with all sorts of slides and rides and pools and adventures – and thousands of people! It was the last big day of the summer season and everyone was there to have fun. My son and his friend went off to explore, but my daughter had only one interest – the wave pool. She’d been there before with friends and wasn’t interested in anything else. So off we went.

She’d told me about it before but I didn’t really understand the appeal. You’re in a pool, with waves. What’s so exciting about that? Well, I was soon to find out.

The wave pool is very large. One end slopes gently into the water, eventually going out to probably 10 feet (3 meters) deep. Every fifteen minutes or so a buzzer sounds, hundreds of people scream in excitement, and the fun begins. The water draws down a little as the first wave gathers, and then for several minutes it is one huge crashing wave after another.

Some people ride the waves on tubes, others just play in the water; but one thing is certain – the waves are relentless! It’s hard to swim, or even to simply float, so you just manage as best you can. And then, when you feel you just can’t handle any more waves, they finally stop for a while. The water calms, you can get out if needed, move around a bit, catch your breath and gather your wits before it starts all over again.  Continue reading

The Impossible Path to Freedom

Kathleen HawsBy Kathleen Haws
Published in the September 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

It began as an ordinary trip across town to visit a client.  I pulled into the parking lot of the facility where she is staying, parked my car and stepped out into a flurry of activity.  Where the parking lot had been calm a moment before, it was now in chaos with a flock of birds flying in panic.  As a predator – most likely a hawk or falcon – flew off with one of the birds I noticed that another one flew past my feet and went under my car.  It all happened so quickly I shook my head, wondering if I had really just witnessed that.

Returning about thirty minutes later I remembered that a bird had flown to safety beneath my car, so I checked to make sure it wasn’t still under there.  After all it had been through, I certainly didn’t want to run over it!  After checking all around the car and seeing that the bird wasn’t there, I pulled out of the parking lot and onto the street.

I hadn’t driven more than half a block when I heard the sound of scratching behind the dashboard!  I immediately realized that the bird that had flown under my car was now most likely under the hood  – near the engine.  Fortunately, there was a gas station nearby, and I drove into the parking lot.

With only a little store and gasoline pumps at this station, there was no mechanic to help, but I knew that I couldn’t drive any further if I suspected that a bird was somehow lodged under the hood of my car. Continue reading

I Wished I Wasn’t Smart

GH-SmileBy Geoffrey Hoppe
Published in the September 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

I came from a smart family. My father was brilliant and creative. At a very young age he was an executive at a successful advertising agency. My mother was a model student in her school days and a gifted writer. I have six siblings, and most of them are very talented and highly intelligent. 

As a young boy I remember wishing that I wasn’t smart. How strange, now that I think back to this. Who wouldn’t want to be smart? I was an “A” student from 1st grade all the way through 10th grade. I didn’t study very hard yet was able to keep good grades.

But then I got my wish. I stopped being smart. I stopped striving for accomplishment. At the age of 16 I stopped caring and stopped trying. Why? Because I looked around at the smart people in my life and decided I didn’t want to be like them. My smart father was an alcoholic. My smart mother was deep into suffering. My smart older brother hated everything. I got my wish. My grades fell into the toilet, and I didn’t want to go to college if it meant ending up like the smart people. Instead, I joined the Army at age 17 and took the first bus out of my small hometown. Perhaps, just perhaps, was there a world out there where smart didn’t mean anything, and one could actually experience life in a joyful way?

Luck (or perhaps the guiding hand of Spirit) found me the best job one could imagine in the Army. At 18 years of age I was assigned to NASA, shipped off to California in the mid-70s, had my own apartment in what is now Silicon Valley, and learned a lot in my job as a technical writer. I met a lot of people who weren’t smart by intellectual standards, but were amazing humans.

I didn’t go to college after my three years in the Army. Well, I actually did go for three days but simply could not stand the Halls of Arrogant Intelligence in the university environment. Besides, the university wanted me to take Journalism 101 after I had been writing articles for professional aeronautic magazines for 3 years.

I had no desire to be smart if it meant sacrificing common sense, compassion, heart, feelings and the simple joy of life – or having to figure it out. I landed a couple of good jobs after my honorable discharge from the Army (including receiving the Army Commendation Award). In my early and mid 20’s, socializing with business peers meant that questions of university pedigree often came up. Mouths dropped when I said I never went to college. On the surface I was slightly embarrassed, but underneath I knew I didn’t want to be smart.  Continue reading

Breathe It In Again

JeanTin NEWBy Jean Tinder
Published in the August 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

A few weeks ago I wrote an article called “Breathe It In” about breathing in all the energies around us, especially the stuff we don’t like. It was an important realization – at least for me – and I’m getting better at reminding myself to breathe it in. And, as might be expected, it is bringing about some interesting changes. 

One change is that in spite of my very full life and extremely busy schedule, I feel more peaceful inside than ever before. Looking at the many facets of my life (CC content manager, AZ manager, writer, wife, mother, channeler, landscaper, handyman and all around creator) together with the chaotic energies that affect us all, it’s no wonder that the feeling of overwhelm creeps in every now and then. But the minute I remember to ‘breathe it in,’ everything shifts and somehow life feels manageable again. Even if nothing changes on the outside, breathing it in changes a lot on the inside, which of course then recreates the outside.

Breathing it in somehow allows the energies to sort themselves out, at least in my personal reality (and I’m not really worried about anyone else’s). What’s mine gets resolved and what’s not mine fades away. The more I remember to consciously breathe it in, the more balanced I feel, and the more inner peace I enjoy. 

While all that would be enough, something else about ‘breathing it in’ has presented itself in the last few weeks. It has fascinated me quite a lot and actually has to do with creation itself.  Continue reading