Merabh – An Easy Shift of Consciousness

Elven Three 1440 X 900When Yoham went into the recoding studio with Geoff, Linda, Adamus and Kuthumi back in the summer of 2012, no one really knew what was going to come out. Adamus had introduced the concept of a “merabh” at a recent workshop, and they had decided to make some merabhs to share with Shaumbra worldwide.

What emerged was pure magic! Combining channeled messages with Yoham’s inspired music, we received “Studio K” plus six profound experiences called merabhs. These amazing recordings provided opportunities to shift consciousness around topics such as Life, Death, Past Lives, Ancestral Biology, Distilling and Enlightenment.

After the incredible popularity of these recordings, what could surpass them? Why, six more new merabhs!

In early July 2013 Yoham and Adamus once again met in the recording studio, co-creating six true masterpieces. There is really nothing else like these merabhs in all the world. They inspire deep and profound shifts of consciousness, facilitated by the words of Adamus coupled with the inspiring music of Gerhard Fankauser, Einat Gilboa and Amir Yakobi. In just twenty to thirty minutes you can move to a new level of self love, gain clarity about anything you desire, integrate with your light body, and much more.

If you want to easily shift your consciousness to a new level – without pain, drama or struggle – we highly recommend these new merabh experiences!

Click on each title below for more information and to listen to a free sample. What a beautiful gift to yourself!

Love of Self
Particularly beneficial for releasing guilt, shame and self-judgment, or dealing with relationship issues.

Recommended if you have been experiencing confusion and mental fogginess.

Crystal Energies
Recommended for choosing new creations in your life, whether a project, business, a new car or house, or simply the abundance to make your dreams come true.

Very beneficial if you feel energies in your life have been blocked due to feelings of unworthiness, or that you have to work hard in order to get what you want.

Light Body
Highly recommended for anyone experiencing physical pain or health issues, or who wants to bring their body weight back into balance.

Going Beyond
Recommended if you are feeling stuck or having challenges with going beyond mental constructs.

Merabh Collection
If desired you may purchase a collection of all six merabhs for a discounted price.

2012 – What A Year!

By Gerhard Fankhauser
Published in the December 2012 Shaumbra Monthly e-magazine

This 2012 year has been talked about for a long time and I guess we all are a little bit excited about what’s going to be after all those “end of the world” predictions. I know quite some people that prepared themselves very well for that auspicious date with food stocks, alternative electric power systems, money investment, being at auspicious places for the big departure, welcoming the Aliens that are going to save the chosen ones, and so on. Well, why not?

I mean, no doubt a lot is happening already and the pace of strong events in nature, politics and economics has definitely grown during the last decade. There is a feeling of change in the air, a restructuring of many fields of life, and there is a worldwide community of people connected through the Internet and informed on a completely new level. Everybody can choose what kind of stuff he believes and resonates with and how to relate to this period of time. But I guess the most important parameter is our personal life and how we really feel and manage with things. Continue reading

Studio K – new!

NEW from Kuthumi - click here

What happens when a recently ascended Master with a big heart, lots of wisdom and a quirky sense of humor comes back to tell his tales? You get Studio K, a brand new album from Kuthumi lal Singh.

This summer when Geoffrey, Linda, Yoham and Adamus met together in the recording studio, not only did they create some incredible merabh experiences, but then Kuthumi showed up as well! In his inimitable way, he shared stories from his own experiences on Earth and even came up with a song, which Yoham graciously set to music in the Now moment.

Studio K is a lively and poignant collection of three channels, filled with Kuthumi’s ubiquitous humor and wisdom accompanied by the intuitive musical genius of Gerhard Fankhauser, Einat Gilboa and Amir Ya’Kobi (The Yoham Project). Kuthumi takes the listener on an amazing journey of experience that every awakening human can relate to.

In the first track, “Across the Ocean,” Kuthumi shares the deep grief he experience d in his lifetime as Shah Jahan, grief that sent him into the longing search for his soul.

Then, in “Real Eyes (Realize)” Kuthumi encounters a mysterious stranger dressed in white who asks a question that perplexes him to no end. This ends up turning into a lively song written by Kuthumi and brilliantly performed by Yoham.

Finally, in “Big Pants, Small Heart,” Kuthumi tells about the “Ascended Masters Club” and divulges the nicknames Adamus and Tobias. Then he relates how he got his own “full legal nickname” while traveling to the ends of the Earth over many lifetimes in his search “for what I do not know.”

This beautiful experience with Kuthumi lal Singh will bring plenty of smiles, perhaps a few tears, and a joyful recognition of the beauty of your own journey back to Self.

Digital Download (MP3 & PDF format) – $20
2 CD Set (without text transcript) – $25

Click each title to hear a sample:
Across the Ocean (30:14)
Real Eyes (Realize) (19:51)
Big Pants, Small Heart (36:22)

Click for more info or to order Kuthumi’s Studio K


New Earth Merabh

There is still time to register for the New Energy Conference in beautiful Vienna!

Join nearly 400 Shaumbra from around the world as we connect with the New Earth, the New Energy and each other, bringing our dream for this beautiful planet into reality. It will be a weekend full of channeling, music, celebration and joy!

Click here for all the info on this magical event

We hope to see you there!

Note: this conference will NOT be webcast. Recordings will be made available within a few weeks.

New Energy Conference in Vienna!

Join us for the annual
Shaumbra Celebration and New Energy Conference!


Once a year Shaumbra from around the world gather to celebrate life, the New Energy and the journey we share together. It’s called the New Energy Conference and it will be held this year in beautiful Vienna, Austria.

The weekend will be filled with messages from Adamus, Kuthumi, the Archangels and Ascended Masters, plus lots and lots of music throughout the day and night, presentations from leader spiritual explorers, and the love and camaraderie of Shaumbra.

The 2012 Shaumbra gathering will be held in Klosterneuburg, Austria, about 15 kilometers north of majestic Vienna. Klosterneuburg is a charming small town in the hills above Vienna, with plenty of shops, restaurants and sleeping accommodations. The Babenbergerhalle  (meeting hall) is ideal for a Shaumbra gathering, with plenty of room, a professional sound system, and within easy walking distance to local services.

This year we will use a sacred combination of channeling and music to allow a deep integration of the energies into the Body of Consciousness. There will be a music set as part of each channel so that the energies can continue to rise and flow long after the words are spoken. We’re blessed with having a tuned-in group of musicians on the team in Vienna, which was also the home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for many years.

Since 2002, the Shaumbra New Energy Conference has been a place of birthing new ideas, innovative channelings, developing new long-term relationships, and tremendous shifts in energy and consciousness. Don’t miss this very special 2012 gathering in Vienna!


Click for more information on the New Energy Conference

The Old Mystery Schools – steps of remembering!

September 1, 2011
By Gerhard Fankhauser

My personal connection with the ancient mysteries started around 20 years ago with meeting the teachings and ways of the Sufis. They are mystics and their approach to God fascinated me from the first moment on; not a ‘belief in God’ or a religious dogma but to actually ‘experience the Divine’ and taste the ‘sacred wine’. Wine has ever since been a symbol for spiritual nourishment and many mystics are also lovers of wine, as we all know.

Through my studies of music I came across the teachings of grand master Pythagoras, one of the greatest mystics of the West and a key figure in the fields of the ancient mysteries. He was philosopher, mathematician, musician, astronomer, scientist and priest at the same time, and the universal principals of music and harmony were a central theme of his teachings – connecting and bridging the worlds of matter and spirit. The influence of his mystery schools in Greece became so powerful that he was hunted and fled to Sicily, where he built his final school, which supposedly was burnt down by his enemies. Mystics and mystery schools were always a danger for the ruling powers because of their freedom of spirit, thought and belief.

In my own travels I’ve met various inspiring masters and ancient places of power and sometimes, especially through the music, the gates to the higher worlds opened and I received glimpses into those timeless mysteries. When I met Shaumbra and the Crimson Circle, a new chapter of spiritual expansion opened, a journey of actually remembering my personal involvement in the ancient mystery schools. Continue reading