Curry Me Home

GerhardportraitBy Gerhard Fankhauser
Published in the May 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

During my travels in India in my early twenties I had a mysterious encounter and a memorable experience of soul-destiny that was truly meaningful to me. It came back into my memory recently during the Threshold event in Canada and again during the Kasama workshop in Kauai. Even though it happened more then 20 years ago, it still seems like yesterday. Isn’t it interesting how some experiences in life completely transcend our usual timeframe and seem to belong to a more timeless realm, a realm of soul destiny, of Kasama.

The year was 1991 and I was sitting on the banks of the river Ganges in Varanasi, one of the ancient holy cities in India. Life along that river was truly exciting and one could spend days and days just watching the happenings on the ‘Ghats,’ the stairs that lead down from the city and temples to the holy river. Those Ghats and life on the Ghats basically provided everything for the Hindus to have their holy dip in the water. There were platforms with small tea stores, barbers, massagists and small stores full of all kinds of kitschy and colorful religious items. There were priests doing their ceremonies, burning incense and throwing flowers into the river while chanting their mantras, and of course thousands of people taking their ritual bath. There were also plenty of dogs, goats, cows and monkeys inhabiting those Ghats and the smell of animal poop and open sewage flowing into the river competed with the smell of incense and the overall sacred fragrance and atmosphere of the site.

All in all, one had only to sit there and observe and have a blast of an experience. That’s what I did. I was sitting there in a little tea stall sipping my chai when suddenly an elderly man with a beard and a friendly face turned around, looked deep into my eyes and asked, “Do you know, why you are here?” Continue reading

The Voice of Metatron

gerhard 2By Gerhard Fankhauser
Published in the March 2015 Shaumbra Magazine

Every creative person knows that special feeling of a moment of inspiration. There is this sudden tickling, sparkling thoughts and a taste of magic in the air; and you cannot help but surrender to that moment and go with it.

It doesn’t matter if that inspiration comes in words and images or melodies and tones; it is an experience of the spirit or ‘a spirit’ coming through you, in-spiring you, expressing itself through you. It is the feeling of being plugged into some grander source of knowledge, beauty and perfection. Of course, in order to express poetry one needs to know a spoken language, and in order to express a song one needs to know the language of music. But nevertheless, there is still that feeling of expansion into a grander being, whether our own or another.

Even in my early childhood I was very creative with music, writing songs and musical poetry, composing melodies and exploring the world of sound. I was familiar with the space of inspiration, maybe not conscious of what it was, but always enjoying it. And of course I’ve spent a lot of time in nature; listening to nature, receiving it’s harmony and also playing for it and enjoyed that intimate communion with mountains, trees, animals and myself. Those moments are always like a refuge for me and give me rest from this often too busy and noisy world.

When I met the Crimson Circle first and started to work with Geoffrey, Linda & Adamus I recognized immediately a great similarity between the space of music and the space of channeling, and over the years it became more and more natural to play within a channel and feel those spaces merging. Continue reading

2012 – What A Year!

By Gerhard Fankhauser
Published in the December 2012 Shaumbra Monthly e-magazine

This 2012 year has been talked about for a long time and I guess we all are a little bit excited about what’s going to be after all those “end of the world” predictions. I know quite some people that prepared themselves very well for that auspicious date with food stocks, alternative electric power systems, money investment, being at auspicious places for the big departure, welcoming the Aliens that are going to save the chosen ones, and so on. Well, why not?

I mean, no doubt a lot is happening already and the pace of strong events in nature, politics and economics has definitely grown during the last decade. There is a feeling of change in the air, a restructuring of many fields of life, and there is a worldwide community of people connected through the Internet and informed on a completely new level. Everybody can choose what kind of stuff he believes and resonates with and how to relate to this period of time. But I guess the most important parameter is our personal life and how we really feel and manage with things. Continue reading

The Old Mystery Schools – steps of remembering!

September 1, 2011
By Gerhard Fankhauser

My personal connection with the ancient mysteries started around 20 years ago with meeting the teachings and ways of the Sufis. They are mystics and their approach to God fascinated me from the first moment on; not a ‘belief in God’ or a religious dogma but to actually ‘experience the Divine’ and taste the ‘sacred wine’. Wine has ever since been a symbol for spiritual nourishment and many mystics are also lovers of wine, as we all know.

Through my studies of music I came across the teachings of grand master Pythagoras, one of the greatest mystics of the West and a key figure in the fields of the ancient mysteries. He was philosopher, mathematician, musician, astronomer, scientist and priest at the same time, and the universal principals of music and harmony were a central theme of his teachings – connecting and bridging the worlds of matter and spirit. The influence of his mystery schools in Greece became so powerful that he was hunted and fled to Sicily, where he built his final school, which supposedly was burnt down by his enemies. Mystics and mystery schools were always a danger for the ruling powers because of their freedom of spirit, thought and belief.

In my own travels I’ve met various inspiring masters and ancient places of power and sometimes, especially through the music, the gates to the higher worlds opened and I received glimpses into those timeless mysteries. When I met Shaumbra and the Crimson Circle, a new chapter of spiritual expansion opened, a journey of actually remembering my personal involvement in the ancient mystery schools. Continue reading