Inspire Consciousness – It’s What You Do!

Beginning in 2007, the Crimson Circle has presented the Inspire Consciousness award every year to a person or persons who have gone above and beyond in service to Shaumbra and awakening humans. Each year there are a dozen or more finalists, making the final choice a very difficult decision. But it is always our pleasure to review the work being done around the world by dedicated and loving Shaumbra for the sake of others.

Florin_ICAwardThe 2015 recipient is Florin Mandiuc from Bucharest, Romania. The award was presented to Florin during the Magic of Merlin workshop in Sibiu, Romania in September. We asked if he would share a little bit about himself with Shaumbra.

Crimson Circle: How and when did you find the Crimson Circle?

Florin Mandiuc: Between 2003 and 2005 I was receiving the translated Shouds in a newsletter, which occasionally I even got time to read. My story as dedicated Shaumbra starts in 2006, when I started to read and listen to Shouds, and discovered that there is also a live transmission from the monthly meeting. After the channel with Adamus from the 2006 Midsummer conference, I realized that it was for me. Then I started to read or listen to everything from the very first channel with Tobias – a channel every day. When I was aware of nearly every channel up to date, in May 2007 I participated to my first live workshop, a day with Tobias in Bucharest. And after that experience I felt that I want more. So, the next workshop I attended was DreamWalker Ascension in Frankfurt, where I also started to connect with Shaumbra from Romania.

CC: What happened in your life after that? How did things change?

FM: Changes that I was ready to do. I already knew that if I do not change what is obviously changing, if I resist, the changes will come anyway and it may be harder. So I stepped out from the job I had and eventually became a freelancer. Continue reading

Angel Behind the Scenes

Gail1Interview with Gail Neube
By Jean Tinder
Published in the January 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

For years now, Adamus gives his monthly message on the first Saturday of the month and approximately 24 hours later the text is posted online next to the audio and video recordings. This is a boon for the dedicated translation teams around the world who go right to work preparing it for many thousands more people who do not speak English. It is also helpful for those who prefer reading rather than listening to Adamus’ messages. In addition to the monthly Shouds, the Crimson Circle provides written transcripts to attendees of nearly all events with Adamus, usually less than two weeks later. All of this is made possible by the work of a very special, though usually unseen, staff member – Gail Neube!

Working from her home in New York, where her day job is working as a Word Processor in downtown Manhattan, Gail provides this small miracle each month. And, because it’s such an important part of the work we do, we wanted to get to know her a little better, so we had a phone conversation the other day. Continue reading

Our Community

SI BUtterflySince it began in 1999, the Crimson Circle family has grown steadily over the years as more and more of us rediscover ourselves and each other. Besides the Crimson Circle monthly meetings and the live events with Adamus and Geoffrey & Linda Hoppe, there are many other ways to connect with other Shaumbra around the world.

Crimson Circle Message Board
This online community began as a Yahoo email group, and, through its various upgrades and evolutions, has been a consistent gathering place for Shaumbra for more than 12 years. It’s a wonderful place to share, laugh, cry and play together. Registration is free and easy.

Just search for the term “Shaumbra” or “Crimson Circle” and you’ll find plenty of individuals and discussion groups focused around the CC material, some of which are language- and country-specific. You can even “like” the official Crimson Circle page and have daily inspiring quotes and CC news show up in your Facebook feed.

Check out the daily tweets from the Crimson Circle and Awakening Zone!

Awakening Zone Community
Connect with AZ hosts and listeners in this online forum, talk about your favorite shows, and see which ones other people recommend.

Local Circles
Want to go beyond the Internet? Meet up with other Shaumbra in your area or even start a new group! Whether you meet in a private home, a cafe or a park, whether you listen to the Shouds together once a month or meet every week, getting together with Shaumbra is always an uplifting experience!

Check out the Crimson Circle online photo albums to see beautiful and fun photos of Shaumbra from events around the world.

Special Online Forums
There are also interactive forums for the Crimson Circle Angels, Advanced Studies graduates, Awakening Zone Academy attendees, Keahak groups, and the new StreamOnline site for Crimson Circle event attendees.

No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find a place to connect with Shaumbra!

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“Call to Freedom” – Shoud now online!

“Call to Freedom,” Shoud 1 of the new Freedom Series, is now available to watch, read or listen to. Using plenty of humor and distractions along with profound insights, Adamus challenges us with the question, “Are you really ready for freedom?”

Click to enjoy Adamus’ latest message, Call to Freedom


Become A Crimson Circle Affiliate!

Published in August 2012 Shaumbra Monthly

Do you have friends? Students? Clients? An email list? A website? Have you done translations for the Crimson Circle? You can promote products and recordings in the Crimson Circle store and receive a percentage of the sales!

When you sign up for the Shaumbra Affiliate Program, you will receive a special affiliate link which you can then post on your website or email to friends. Then, when they go to the CC Store via your link, you will receive a percentage of any Crimson Circle product they order! Here’s the fine print: Continue reading

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We know you’ve heard it before, but the classes offered by Crimson Circle teachers around the world truly have the potential to change your life in amazing ways. Enjoy these introduction videos for a brief glimpse into what they’re all about.

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Welcome Shaumbra!

Welcome to the brand new Crimson Circle Blog! It’s a great new way of staying in touch with the Crimson Circle and Shaumbra news and activities around the world. We will be posting news and announcements, updates from Geoff & Linda on the road, plus articles from Shaumbra Monthly in this easy-to-share format. You can also comment on any of the articles in the comments area.

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